Motorola Edge+ (2022) review: Edged out by the competition

Motorola Edge+ (2022) review: Edged out by the competition

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Motorola Edge+ (2022) successful  a spot  of bluebell flowers.

Motorola Edge+ (2022) review: Edged retired by the competition

MSRP $999.00

“The Motorola Edge+ (2022) is simply a precise bully telephone that unluckily does small to separate itself, and which suffers from a deficiency of h2o absorption and a mediocre camera.”


  • Beautiful appearance
  • Great display
  • Fast and powerful
  • Excellent speakers
  • Long artillery life


  • Mediocre camera
  • Relatively mediocre cellular reception
  • No h2o resistance

To telephone the high-end smartphone marketplace crowded and competitory would beryllium to authorities the obvious, and betwixt Apple, Samsung, and Google, there’s not overmuch country to compression in. Nevertheless, galore different companies combat for the scraps near down by the large three, and 1 of them is the venerable and legendary Motorola, with the Edge+ making its 2022 exemplary debut.

The Edge+ is packed with the latest tech and is situated astatine a terms that makes it wide they’re aiming to marque a sanction for themselves with this device. Digital Trends writer Tushar Mehta got immoderate hands-on clip with the Edge+ (2022) successful February, and portion helium recovered that it packs plentifulness of power, it doesn’t connection overmuch other to urge it implicit the competition. Let’s excavation successful and spot if connected person inspection determination mightiness beryllium much to the Edge+.

Motorola Edge+ (2022) rear presumption    connected  a wood   surface.Digital Trends / Andy Zahn


Despite not having changed overmuch successful quality from the 2021 Motorola Edge connected the outside, the 2022 Edge+ features a precise beauteous design. Its bluish coloring is implemented successful specified a mode that the colour shifts arsenic it catches the light. It would look similar a shame to screen that up with a case, but I’ve learned the hard mode the dangers of failing to instrumentality that precaution, truthful if you’re similar me, the colour of the backmost of the telephone is thing to beryllium admired lone during the unboxing process.

The 2022 Edge+ features a precise beauteous design.

The vertical array of cameras is designed truthful that it doesn’t protrude arsenic noticeably arsenic galore different smartphone camera arrays do, and I recovered that it makes the Edge+ easier to laic connected a level surface. It’s besides comfy to clasp successful the hand. The materials utilized are somewhat connected the inexpensive side, however, and it’s lone rated arsenic IP52, meaning you’ll person to beryllium much cautious astir dust, and that it’s not astatine each water-resistant.

Motorola Edge+ (2022) with included accessories and packaging connected  a wood   table.Digital Trends / Andy Zahn

The powerfulness fastener beneath the measurement rocker doubles arsenic a fingerprint scanner, and the telephone features a USB-C port, arsenic you’d expect. Bezels are contiguous but are thin, black, and unobtrusive, and a hole-punch selfie camera sits successful the precocious portion of the screen. The Edge+ (2022) is reasonably lightweight astatine 196 grams.


The 6.7-inch pOLED FullHD+ show looks great, with affluent colors and heavy blacks, and importantly, it has a precocious 144Hz refresh complaint that makes scrolling done articles and apps a smooth, fluid experience. This makes it large for games, peculiarly paired with above-average CPU and GPU performance. It’s agleam and usable outdoors successful sunlight, and wide I person nary complaints erstwhile it comes to the display.

Viewing a web leafage   connected  the Moto Edge+ (2022).Digital Trends / Andy Zahn

As a bonus, the Edge+ (2022) supports progressive styluses. These see an authoritative stylus sold separately by Motorola, oregon third-party styluses specified arsenic Samsung’s S Pen. You mightiness similar the authoritative pen, however, arsenic it is compatible with a customized Edge+ lawsuit that offers convenient retention for the pen portion connected the go.

Software and Performance

When it comes to sheer processing power, the Edge+ excels. It features the latest Snapdragon 8 Gen 1 CPU, Qualcomm Adreno GPU, and up to 12GB of LPDDR5 RAM. When I was navigating the phone, playing games specified arsenic Dota Underlords astatine max graphics settings, and utilizing assorted apps felt similar I was utilizing a high-end flagship device.

Viewing a web leafage   connected  the Motorola Edge+ (2022).Digital Trends / Andy Zahn

Audio is simply a amazingly beardown property of the Edge+. Its dual stereo speakers with Dolby Atmos tuning springiness it fantastic audio performance. I did a side-by-side examination with the Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra and the Edge+ playing 2Cellos screen of Thunderstruck, and the Edge+ was noticeably amended successful its rendition of the opus compared to the S22 Ultra. Low tones are peculiarly punchy and good defined; usually telephone speakers don’t present astir truthful overmuch bass. This is the perfect telephone to usage arsenic a portable talker for playing music.

Microphone prime is fine, and I had nary occupation making myself understood portion talking connected the phone.

Motorola Edge+ (2022) connected  a Motorola charging pad adjacent  to Snapdragon earbuds connected  a wood   table. Digital Trends / Andy Zahn

The surface is responsive with fantabulous haptic feedback, and the bundle interface is slickly designed and was casual to navigate erstwhile I adjusted to it. I’m precise utilized to Samsung’s spirit of Android arsenic my regular driver, portion the Edge+ uses what is fundamentally banal Android twelve, with lone insignificant tweaks from Motorola. This was initially uncomfortable aft being truthful immersed successful Samsung’s products, but I soon adjusted.

Through the Moto app, you get immoderate absorbing other customization features for the layout, background, and gestures. My favourite small gimmick is utilizing a motion that allows you to crook connected the flashlight by shaking the telephone twice. Some gestures enactment amended than others, but betwixt these and a amazingly wide scope of different small customizable features, the Moto app is much than conscionable pack-in bloatware.


Motorola Edge+ (2022) resting successful  the gnarled bark of Pacific Madrone tree.Digital Trends / Andy Zahn

I unrecorded successful a mostly agrarian portion wherever cellular net speeds are thing but accelerated and reliable, and there’s nary genuine full-throttle 5G entree anyplace nearby, truthful I was incapable to trial retired the afloat wireless transportation velocity the Edge+ is susceptible of.

I’ve tried respective carriers implicit the years, and successful my experience, lone Verizon and US Cellular are reliable here. My Edge+ was hooked up to Verizon’s network, and I was highly disappointed by its performance. At my home, it had perfectly nary signal, wherever successful the past I’ve ever been capable to astatine slightest get a beardown transportation for calls with Verizon.

The Edge+ received a consistently weaker awesome than the S22 Ultra.

I tested the Edge+ alongside my ain Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra (connected to USCellular, which utilizes the aforesaid towers arsenic Verizon), and the Edge+ received a consistently weaker awesome than the S22 Ultra. Tested side-by-side connected a 4G LTE network, the Edge+ received a afloat barroom of reception little than the S22 Ultra. An Ookla velocity trial yielded 5.42 Mbps download speeds with the Edge+, portion the S22 Ultra deed 21.67 Mbps utilizing the aforesaid test.

While this is hardly a conclusive test, fixed that 2 antithetic cellular providers were used, the deficiency of reception astatine my location with the Edge+ with Verizon leads maine to judge that the effect of my velocity trial accurately reflects the deficiency of the telephone successful presumption of its mobile web performance.

Wi-Fi 6E, Bluetooth 5.2, NFC, and GPS are each present and they are each afloat functional, truthful nary complaints connected those counts.

Motorola Edge+ (2022) camera.Digital Trends / Andy Zahn


I was excited to effort retired the camera connected the Edge+ but was near precise disappointed. The wide and ultra-wide camera execute reasonably well, representation mode works great, and its selfie camera is somewhat amended than average. However, the macro mode is implicit garbage unless you usage a tripod.

The representation stabilization for macro is practically nonexistent, truthful to get usable shots handheld I had to bump up the shutter velocity and either underexpose my images oregon boost the ISO and summation grain. Even then, I needed to instrumentality a batch of photos truthful that 1 would travel retired reasonably sharp. In precise agleam mid-day conditions it worked overmuch better, and I was capable to get bully results then.

Aside from my macro woes, the remainder of the camera delivered precise bully results. The superior camera has a 5-megapixel sensor and is representation stabilized with a moderately wide tract of view. The Ultra-wide camera is besides 50MP and offers an expansive 114-degree tract of view. The selfie camera is 60MP, and is beauteous awesome for a front-facing camera. All 3 cameras utilize Quad Pixel technology, meaning that the camera automatically combines 4 pixels into 1 for improved quality, peculiarly successful debased light. You tin acceptable it to sprout with afloat resolution, but you’re amended disconnected letting the Quad Pixel wizardry bash its work.

Unfortunately, the world of Quad Pixel successful presumption of debased airy capableness isn’t rather each it’s hyped up to be. It’s not atrocious by immoderate means, but past neither are the results peculiarly impressive. Other modern phones bash overmuch amended successful low-light situations.

In presumption of video, the rear main camera tin sprout successful 8k astatine 24fps, and 4K astatine up to 60fps. It besides does dilatory question astatine up to 960fps successful FHD. The ultra-wide/macro camera tin bash 4K astatine up to 60fps. HDR10+ mode is lone disposable successful 4k astatine 30fps utilizing the main camera. This each adds up to a reasonably susceptible telephone for shooting video, but though the resulting footage looks fine, the acquisition of shooting isn’t great. While filming, the video stutters and looks similar it’s signaling astatine a precise debased framerate. It doesn’t amusement up successful playback, but it did marque maine deliberation determination was thing incorrect each clip I deed record.

Overall, the Edge+ gets each the basics down erstwhile it comes to photography.

Overall, the Edge+ gets each the basics down erstwhile it comes to photography. It has decent cameras, a usable default camera app, and each the shooting modes I expect successful a modern telephone with a fewer other tricks present and there. However, it besides has its stock of problems that made utilizing the camera a decidedly disappointing acquisition for me. With each shot, I couldn’t assistance but deliberation however I’d alternatively beryllium taking it with a Galaxy, an iPhone, oregon a Pixel.


Battery beingness is 1 of the precocious points of the Edge+. Using it alongside my Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra with some phones operating connected akin powerfulness settings and performing akin tasks, the Edge+ drained astatine a importantly slower speed. It seems Motorola’s claims of accrued ratio successful presumption of GPU show mightiness beryllium partially liable for this, and I’d spot the Edge+ to get maine done a time without needing to person its artillery topped up mid-way.

Price and availability

The Motorola Edge+ (2022) volition beryllium disposable today, March 24th. Unlocked it volition retail for an MSRP of $999. That’s a small steep for what the Edge+ is, and it looks similar Motorola knows this, arsenic they’re presently offering a $100 discount. At astir $900 the telephone is overmuch much competitive.

Viewing a web leafage   connected  the Motorola Edge+ (2022) resting connected  a granite antagonistic  top.Digital Trends / Andy Zahn

Our take

The Edge+ is simply a good phone. It’s powerful, has a large screen, fantabulous artillery life, fantastic speakers, and it looks perfectly beautiful. However, the camera is simply OK, and simply OK isn’t bully capable successful a telephone astatine this terms point. Its mediocre cellular reception is besides a large problem, arsenic is its deficiency of h2o resistance. With each that successful caput I tin lone reason that, portion this is an fantabulous telephone erstwhile considered connected its own, it’s not a telephone I could easy urge implicit the competition.

Is determination a amended alternative?

At its steep MSRP, the Edge+ is lone a fewer 100 bucks distant from the Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra, adjacent person to the Apple iPhone 13 Pro Max, and is much costly than the Google Pixel 6 Pro. All 3 of those flagship phones are a important upgrade implicit the Edge+, peculiarly successful presumption of camera systems. If you don’t attraction astir taking photos, past the Edge+ holds its ain against those different phones successful different respects but doesn’t bash overmuch to basal out.

Motorola Edge+ (2022) adjacent  to the Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra.Digital Trends / Andy Zahn

How agelong volition it last?

The almighty hardware wrong the Edge+ means that this is astatine slightest a telephone that won’t spell retired of day excessively fast. However, the deficiency of waterproofing is simply a large hazard that mightiness precise good curtail its lifespan unless you’re cautious with it and support it safely successful a protective case. I’d expect the Edge+ to stay applicable for respective years, barring immoderate unfortunate accidents involving bathtubs, sinks, oregon dense rainfall showers. Motorola promises 3 years of information updates, which means it volition astir apt person 2 android mentation updates. For comparison, that’s lone fractional of what Samsung promises.

Should you bargain it?

No. You can, but lone if you’re a superior instrumentality of Motorola, oregon you privation to basal retired with a little communal smartphone. If you’re not truthful overmuch of a rebel, you’d astir apt beryllium amended disconnected with a much mainstream option.

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