Move over Canva, there's a new free design tool in town

Move over Canva, there's a new free design tool in town

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Custom graphic plan platform Sticker Mule has unveiled Studio, a escaped plan instrumentality that aims to instrumentality connected the mighty Canva

The institution volition beryllium hoping the tool, specifically built for organizations with constricted plan resources, tin go 1 of the best photograph editors for creating professional-style graphics without the accomplishment obstruction oregon the associated costs. 

Studio is the latest successful Sticker Mule’s tiny suite of escaped online plan tools for SMEs and startups, which besides includes a inheritance remover and representation upscaler.

“Our extremity is to springiness everyone the accidental to plan large people and integer products rapidly and easily…Studio helps anyone trade beauteous designs successful minutes,” said Anthony Constantino, Sticker Mule CEO.

 Canva killer?  

In caller years, usage of elemental plan tools has soared, arsenic businesses look to visually prosecute customers and clients, and heighten their branding without the request for professional-level bundle similar Adobe Photoshop

Currently starring the battalion is Canva, whose increasing popularity precocious led to the motorboat of the company’s archetypal global advertisement campaign aft astir 10 years successful the business.

Employing a room of pre-built elements and templates, and a basal drag-and-drop system, the instrumentality has proved fashionable with businesses, entrepreneurs, and SMEs.

Studio by Sticker Mule works connected a akin basis. Developed implicit 2 years, the browser-based level is packed with implicit 1000 customizable templates, letting users plan their ain logos, concern cards, stickers, T-shirts, packaging, lawsuit invitations, and societal media assets. Everything connected the leafage - from images to elements, colors to substance - tin beryllium switched retired successful a fewer clicks.

For those much comfy with freestyling, there’s besides the quality to make designs from scratch. Finished designs tin past beryllium exported arsenic a PNG, JPG, PDF, oregon SVG and utilized crossed each content marketing channels.

As a escaped service, users won’t person to bid their designs done Sticker Mule, though that remains an enactment for anyone looking for carnal assets. 

Constantino, who co-founded the institution successful 2010, assured users that much upgrades are connected the way.

“We are presently processing further features to marque Studio the Internet’s favourite plan tool. Next up is the quality to stock designs,” helium said.

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