Must-have tool for your toolbox: Knipex Cobra XS

Must-have tool for your toolbox: Knipex Cobra XS

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Over the past fewer weeks I've been investigating retired Knipex's caller 4-inch Cobra XS h2o pump pliers, and portion they mightiness beryllium small, they are mighty powerful.

Knipex is simply a German instrumentality marque that makes professional-quality pliers, and I've been utilizing Knipex tools for years, ever since I learned the worth of utilizing bully tools implicit inexpensive tools.

But contempt being a semipermanent user, I person to admit that the archetypal clip I handled the caller Cobra XS h2o pump pliers, I thought that they mightiness beryllium a joke. After all, astatine 4-inches long, they seemed excessively tiny to get overmuch done.

I was wrong.

The jaws connected the Cobra XS tin unfastened to accommodate fasteners up to 28mm, and yet they are compact capable to get into choky spots. And contempt the handles being small, I've recovered that I could enactment a batch of unit done them, capable to grip plumbing tasks.

But machine engineers aren't going to beryllium doing overmuch plumbing, truthful wherefore should they person a brace successful their toolbag?

Well, for me, the biggest selling constituent are the precision-grounded tips. They're cleanable for getting a grip onto awkward, hard to scope fasteners. Even if there's lone a tiny magnitude of a fastener sticking out, they tin get a wound connected them.

I've besides recovered them to beryllium large for clipping and unclipping connectors, bending and forming wires different random tasks that I find myself doing.

A batch of thought has been enactment into the Cobra XS, from the single-handed opening, 11 accommodation points, to the built-in guards that forestall you from pinching the tegument connected your hands during use.

Hallmarks of a prime tool.

Knipex Cobra XS highlights


  • Optimum entree successful the narrowest spaces: an particularly compact plan with a precise slim head
  • Single-handed good accommodation by sliding for optimal fitting to assorted workpiece sizes
  • Long-lasting unafraid grip ensured by precocious deterioration resistance
  • Gripping capableness Ø 28 mm, width crossed flats up to 24 mm - astatine lone 100 mm length
  • Box joint: precocious prime and durability provided by dual guide
  • Gripping surfaces with specially hardened teeth, hardness approx. 60 HRC
  • Self-locking connected pipes and nuts: nary slipping connected the workpiece and debased handforce required
  • Guard prevents operators' fingers being pinched
  • Fine accommodation with 11 accommodation positions

Prior to the Cobra XS pliers, I was utilizing the pliers connected my multitool a lot, and portion they're versatile, they're not arsenic tough, not arsenic well-engineered, and not arsenic bully for precise enactment arsenic the Cobra XS. Also, the handles are overmuch much comfy to usage than the handles connected multitool pliers, which is simply a origin if you are going to beryllium utilizing them a batch oregon person to enactment a batch of pressure.

Another diagnostic that I similar is the durability. I've worked these pliers hard, and they look similar new, without immoderate scuffs oregon harm anywhere, adjacent connected the tips that person seen immoderate superior use.

And astatine $30, they're not costly for a prime instrumentality that will, assuming you don't suffer it, outlast you.

One tiny ailment I person is that I privation they came with immoderate insulation connected the handles. Not lone would that marque them a small much comfy to use, but they'd beryllium a small spot nicer to usage for those of america who unrecorded and enactment successful acold climates.