Nest Mini (2nd-gen) vs. Amazon Echo Dot (5th-gen)

Nest Mini (2nd-gen) vs. Amazon Echo Dot (5th-gen)

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Smart speakers travel successful galore sizes, and pitting the Amazon Echo Dot (now connected the 5th generation) vs. the Nest Mini (currently connected the 2nd version) compares immoderate of the smallest available. These tiny speakers are inactive large capable to play euphony oregon execute different audio functions for radical nearby, and they tin marque large desktop companions oregon adjacent astute alarm clocks successful immoderate cases.

Which is the best? Despite their diminutive sizes, these small speakers person a batch of differences, starting with their design. Let’s instrumentality a look.


Nest Mini 2nd Gen.

The Nest Mini second-gen exemplary has kept its puck-like shape, measuring successful astatine a small little than 4 inches crossed and 1.65 inches high. That’s tiny capable to acceptable conscionable astir anywhere, and it comes successful respective colors to much easy lucifer surroundings if you privation it to. There are a bid of LED indicator lights connected apical and pat controls for measurement on with a mic switch, but there’s not overmuch other to this tiny speaker.

The latest Echo Dot, meanwhile, keeps its spherical plan intimately related to the larger Echo fourth-gen model. At astir 4 inches precocious and 4 inches wide, it’s not rather arsenic bully astatine concealing itself arsenic the Nest Mini, but you’ll inactive beryllium capable to enactment it conscionable astir anywhere. There are immoderate basal fastener controls connected apical of the speaker, including a mic-off fastener and an indicator astir the base. But the existent vantage present is that the other size of the Dot allows it to connection further features, notably a mentation with an LED timepiece connected the side, allowing it to service arsenic an alarm timepiece — thing the Nest Mini can’t do. There are besides kid’s versions with carnal covers, which is fun.

Winner: Echo Dot fifth-gen

Speakers and sound

The Echo Dot with Clock sits connected  a table.

For tiny astute speakers similar this, dependable is particularly important if you program connected utilizing it to perceive to euphony portion you work, getting quality reports successful the greeting erstwhile you aftermath up, and truthful on. Here, the Nest Mini brings a 40mm operator made for 360-degree dependable and adds tuning bundle to amended dependable prime based connected its inheritance (as good arsenic amended bass than the archetypal model).

However, the Mini has ne'er truly been capable to vie with the Echo Dot connected a dependable level, and that’s inactive the lawsuit with the past fewer generations of the Dot, which has truly surpassed itself successful audio level. The fifth-gen Echo Dot includes improved bass with a 1.73-inch front-firing speaker. It’s rather awesome conscionable however good this talker tin capable a tiny country oregon bureau with sound. There’s nary contention here.

Winner: Echo Dot fifth-gen

Portability and placement

Nest Mini connected  a wall.

With speakers this small, galore buyers wonderment conscionable however portable they are oregon what benignant of placement options they whitethorn connection that disagree from larger astute speakers. There’s bully and atrocious quality here: Both the Nest Mini and Echo Dot are designed to beryllium connected to an outlet for power. You can’t conscionable prime them up and transportation them astir similar immoderate portable astute speakers. However, determination are immoderate important details here.

First, determination are artillery battalion mounts that crook each talker into a portable mentation for arsenic agelong arsenic the artillery lasts. It’s mostly easier to find these for the Amazon Echo Dot than it is for the Nest Mini, but adjacent Nest’s exemplary has a mates of artillery options. These outgo more, but it adds portability.

Second, the Nest Mini is designed with mounting slots successful the backmost truthful it tin beryllium easy mounted to a wall, giving you different magnitude of placement options. While immoderate partition mounts beryllium for the Echo Dot, they outgo other and are a overmuch bulkier solution, truthful it’s not truly arsenic practical.

Winner: Nest Mini second-gen

Voice assistants and astute features

Amazon Echo Dot (4th Gen) with Clock front.John Velasco / Digital Trends

The Nest Mini works with Google Assistant and the Google Home app to supply a wide scope of app controls and astute location integration options. Anything Google Assistant tin bash — similar reply questions, marque calls, oregon docket events — the Nest Mini tin bash with the close dependable commands. Via the Google Home app, you tin alteration settings and acceptable a wide assortment of routines, similar turning connected your astute lights and playing a postulation study erstwhile you get up successful the greeting oregon automatically making definite your doorway is locked erstwhile you get a definite region from your home. Compatibility with Google Home is captious present but is becoming overmuch little of an contented acknowledgment to the rise of the caller Matter protocol.

The Echo Dot does overmuch the aforesaid with Alexa, which uses a antithetic app and dependable adjunct exertion but has galore of the aforesaid capabilities arsenic the Google version. Those features see answering questions, mounting schedules, providing notifications (many tied to Amazon services successful this case), making calls, and creating routines for the astute home.

But erstwhile again, the Echo Dot fifth-gen shows the vantage of newer technology. The latest exemplary includes somesthesia and question sensors, truthful you tin take to nexus definite astute location functions with however blistery oregon acold it is successful the country (like controlling a compatible heater) oregon if idiosyncratic has conscionable entered (like turning connected a smart light). It tin besides alteration things similar Alexa Guard, which listens to alarms oregon breached solid and, if detected, alerts you erstwhile you are away. There’s adjacent immoderate precise neat compatibility with Eero Wi-Fi that tin crook the Echo Dot into an Eero outer router to grow your Wi-Fi coverage.

Winner: Echo Dot fifth-gen


Echo Dot kids (panda) with Echo Glow connected  kid's table.

The Nest Mini second-gen is disposable for $50 from a assortment of sellers. You besides tin nab the Echo Dot fifth-gen for $50 and take to bundle it with different devices similar a astute plug oregon Eero router. With akin prices, there’s not a batch to comparison here, though we volition enactment that Amazon tends to connection discounts astir Prime Days and Black Friday sales.

Winner: Tie

Which mini talker comes retired connected top?

The latest exertion packed into the Echo Dot fifth-gen is genuinely impressive, and the second-gen Nest Mini conscionable can’t compare. The lone crushed to see the Nest Mini betwixt these 2 devices is if you really, truly don’t similar Amazon services oregon Alexa arsenic a dependable assistant.

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