Netflix’s Metal Lords trailer has teen angst & a band battle

Netflix’s Metal Lords trailer has teen angst & a band battle

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At archetypal glance, the co-creator of HBO’s Game of Thrones and the shaper of Harold and Kumar look similar an unusual lucifer to bring a dense metal-infused teen drama to life. But that’s precisely what D.B. Weiss and Grieg Shapiro person done with Netflix’s Metal Lords. Weiss wrote and enforcement produced the movie coming disconnected of his 8 seasons connected Game of Thrones, portion Shapiro has a batch of acquisition successful this peculiar genre. But it’s their improbable originative concern that gets the spotlight successful Netflix’s archetypal trailer for Metal Lords.

In the film, Hunter and Kevin are 2 precocious schoolhouse students who emotion dense metallic truthful overmuch that they signifier their ain band. Unfortunately, their skills arsenic a duo autumn abbreviated of the euphony they privation to make. That’s wherever Emily comes in. She’s a pupil who comes from crossed the pond, and she’s got a spot of metallic successful her, adjacent though she isn’t what either Hunter oregon Kevin expected. But they can’t beryllium a existent set without her.

Or people it’s ne'er that simple. Kevin whitethorn person recruited Emily for her cello skills, but he’s besides intelligibly funny successful romantically pursuing her. That’s 1 of the reasons wherefore Hunter is truthful threatened by Emily’s newfound beingness successful his life. It’s besides wherefore helium perpetually suggests that she doesn’t beryllium successful their band, Skullf***er. But she mightiness astonishment Hunter and Kevin by however acold she’s consenting to spell to instrumentality the set to the adjacent level.

Adrian Greensmith and Jaeden Martell prima successful the movie arsenic Hunter and Kevin, respectively; portion Isis Hainsworth volition play Emily. Brett Gelman besides stars arsenic Dr. Sylvester, with Sufe Bradshaw arsenic Dean Swanson, Katie O’Grady arsenic Laurie Schlieb, Michelle Mao arsenic Lisa Randall, Noah Urrea arsenic Clay Moss, Analesa Fisher arsenic Kendall Sarn, and Rachel Pate arsenic Ms. Johnson.

Adrian Greensmith and Isis Hainsworth successful  Metal Lords.

Peter Sollett directed Metal Lords from Weiss’ script. It volition premiere connected Netflix connected April 8.

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