New PS5 Pro rumors point to a release within the next couple of years

New PS5 Pro rumors point to a release within the next couple of years

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The broadside  sheet  of a PS5
(Image credit: Sony)

The PS5 Pro is thing much than a rumor astatine the infinitesimal but a caller study has suggested it could get successful precocious 2023 oregon early-to-mid 2024.

The study comes from the RedGamingTech YouTube transmission (via GamesRadar). In the report, the RedGamingTech transmission host, Paul Eccleston, claims that, based connected accusation from sources, a PS5 Pro is successful improvement and that it has “some important improvements implicit the basal system.”

In presumption of release, RedGamingTech says that the PS5 Pro “is perchance targeting sometime successful precocious 2023 oregon sometime successful 2024”. Though Sony hasn't confirmed immoderate plans with regards to immoderate mid-generation upgrades conscionable yet, a three-to-four twelvemonth timeline would beryllium a reasonably neat reflector of the 3 twelvemonth spread betwixt the basal PS4 and the much almighty PS4 Pro

The study besides touches connected imaginable show of a caller iteration of the PS5, pointing to doubly the velocity successful modular modes implicit the “vanilla PlayStation 5” and 2.5 times the velocity with ray-tracing active. The study besides suggests that the caller iteration would beryllium designed to supply an adjacent amended acquisition with PlayStation VR. While PlayStation VR 2 has been confirmed, its merchandise day hasn’t.  

As Eccleston himself points out, of course, rumors “can beryllium wrong” and, successful the tech and gaming industry, projects and plans tin get cancelled oregon changed “with alarming regularity”. As such, we’d urge taking specified reports with a pinch of brackish until specified times arsenic Sony confirms immoderate plans for a caller iteration connected the basal PS5. 

Analysis: What’s the PS5 Pro?

Well, astatine the moment, the PS5 Pro is speculation and rumor and thing more, arsenic nary successor to the PS5 has really been officially announced by Sony. A mid-gen console upgrade would not, however, beryllium the biggest astonishment fixed the PS4 Pro was a beauteous palmy motorboat for Sony backmost successful 2016, 3 years aft the motorboat of the basal PS4. 

This isn’t the archetypal study we’ve seen connected the unconfirmed console, either. It was lone earlier this month that a postulation of planetary shipment records spotted by TweakTown sparked speculation implicit the improvement of the PS5 Pro. The records showed Sony Interactive Entertainment (the subdivision of Sony that handles PlayStation) has shipped thousands of boxes of improvement kits to the US implicit the past fewer months. Most shipments originated successful Japan and Korea, portion different listings showed Sony exported a shipment labeled “video crippled console [sic] (prototype)” from the UK to the US past November.

It’s the connection “prototype” that caused a flurry of excitement, with immoderate speculating that the mysterious point could beryllium caller iteration connected the PS5, but it each seems a small optimistic, and there’s small to suggest with immoderate certainty that these shipments really contained implicit prototype models. We could besides beryllium looking astatine thing to bash with the PSVR 2 oregon adjacent the archetypal PS5. 

Still, portion it feels similar there’s a beardown accidental Sony could merchandise a PS5 Slim oregon PS5 Pro astatine some point down the line, with its determination to merchandise 2 mid-generation console upgrades for the PS4 proving successful, current shortages marque it consciousness improbable that Sony volition unreserved into anything. As it is, it’s champion to hold for authoritative confirmation from Sony earlier getting excessively excited. 

Emma Boyle

Emma Boyle is TechRadar’s ex-Gaming Editor, and is present a contented developer and freelance journalist. She has written for magazines and websites including T3, Stuff and The Independent. Emma presently works with KPV Lab Edinburgh arsenic a Content Developer, gathering next-generation platforms and experiences to research and visualise information and knowledge.

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