New Rainbow Six Siege operator Solis is IQ but on defence

New Rainbow Six Siege operator Solis is IQ but on defence

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The caller Rainbow Six Siege operator, Solis, mirrors the FPS game‘s pre-existing character, IQ, but they’re connected the defending side. That mightiness dependable incredibly reductive, and perchance adjacent a spot tedious, but there’s plentifulness of crushed to beryllium excited astir Solar Raid’s main addition.

Let’s commencement with the cardinal details. Solis is simply a two-speed, two-armour defender. She tin equip either the P90 SMG oregon the ITA 12L shotgun for her primary, and the SMG-11 for her secondary. Her gadget is the Spec-IO Electro Sensor, which is simply a brace of AR goggles that let her to spot force gadgets done walls up to a fewer metres away. This gadget operates connected a cooldown, but it besides has a secondary function: you tin scan an idiosyncratic force gadget truthful that its determination is revealed to the remainder of your team.

While IQ has ever been a utile beingness connected the attack, she’s lone truly brought on arsenic a nonstop antagonistic to hidden defender gadgets and traps – her relation is to velocity on the roam clear. Solis, connected the different hand, is simply a batch much versatile, providing aboriginal reads connected attacker locations, hunting down drones, and much crucially, directing different teammates truthful they tin successfully antagonistic an attacking play. Bandit and Kaid tricking could go a batch much viable arsenic Solis tin easy telephone retired the close partition sheet to spot electrical gadgets on.

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Solis tin besides beryllium utilized proactively, teaming up with different roamer to hunt down attackers who are wrong the gathering and utilizing their gadgets to summation further intel. This is particularly adjuvant against trapper-style attackers, including Nomad, anyone with claymores, and adjacent intel-gatherers similar Jackal. IQ players volition inactive person the borderline successful a 1v1 though, arsenic Solis cannot equip a limb portion utilizing her gadget.

The caller Rainbow Six Siege relation volition beryllium disposable erstwhile Operation Solar Raid launches connected December 6. As with erstwhile operators, she’s archetypal disposable for a week to anyone who purchases the premium conflict pass, and past disposable to acquisition for either 25,000 Renown oregon 600 R6 Credits. There’s a batch much than conscionable Solis coming, though, truthful cheque retired our afloat Rainbow Six Solar Raid breakdown.

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