Nintendo Acquires a Game Developer You've Probably Never Heard of

Nintendo Acquires a Game Developer You've Probably Never Heard of

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It turns retired Nintendo isn't sitting idly by portion Microsoft and Sony walk billions acquiring well-known crippled studios.

As VGC reports, Nintendo of Japan released a document yesterday confirming it has acquired crippled developer SRD Co. Ltd, making it a wholly-owned subsidiary erstwhile the acquisition closes connected April 1. You'd beryllium forgiven for not knowing who SRD is, but it turns retired the institution has played a cardinal relation successful Nintendo crippled improvement for the past 40 years.

A speedy look astatine the SRD website reveals the company, which employs astir 140 people, has been acting arsenic a declaration developer for Nintendo since 1982. Its enactment spans immoderate of the astir important Nintendo franchises, including Animal Crossing, Donkey Kong, Mario, Zelda, and the Wii Fit games (even Ring Fit). The archetypal crippled SRD worked connected for Nintendo looks to beryllium the 1983 NES mentation of Donkey Kong.

Back successful December, Nintendo announced plans to adhd a caller gathering to its Kyoto Research Center with a presumption to creating much games in-house. The SRD acquisition seems to beryllium a cardinal portion of this expansion, with Nintendo stating:

"Completion of the Acquisition volition service to fortify the absorption basal of SRD and unafraid the availability of bundle improvement resources for Nintendo, successful summation to facilitating an anticipated betterment successful bundle improvement efficiency."

So portion Microsoft and Sony person immoderate engaged months and adjacent years up integrating third-party teams into their ecosystem, Nintendo ensures a squad of veterans with 4 decades of acquisition moving with the institution tin support doing what they're doing. I ideate it didn't outgo Nintendo billions to clasp this talent, either.