Nissan unveils site for developing potentially game-changing EV batteries

Nissan unveils site for developing potentially game-changing EV batteries

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Nissan ASSB instauration process successful Oppama Research Center


Nissan connected Friday unveiled a prototype accumulation installation for laminated all-solid-state artillery cells -- a perchance game-changing exertion that the Japanese automaker hopes to bring to marketplace successful 2028. 

The caller installation is located wrong the Nissan Research Center successful Kanagawa Prefecture. Nissan volition usage the installation to survey the materials, plan and manufacturing processes it volition usage for all-solid-state artillery prototype production. Then, the institution plans to found a aviator accumulation enactment astatine its Yokohama Plant successful fiscal 2024. 

All-solid-state batteries could marque electrical vehicles notably cheaper. Nissan believes that with all-solid-state batteries, it tin scope $75 per kWh successful fiscal 2028 and $65 per kWh thereafter. That would enactment EVs astatine the aforesaid outgo level arsenic gasoline-powered vehicles. 

Nissan expects to usage all-solid-state batteries successful a wide scope of EV segments, including pickup trucks, fixed each the benefits. They connection an an vigor density astir doubly that of accepted lithium-ion batteries, importantly shorter charging time, and they tin beryllium made with cheaper materials.