No Ops like 'NoOps' revisited: is the vision a reality yet?

No Ops like 'NoOps' revisited: is the vision a reality yet?

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Author's note: Can IT beryllium 99% automated? We've seen the maturation of serverless computing and a scope of "Ops" approaches to automating bundle and information pipelines. This is an update to a portion primitively published successful February 2019, but poses questions that are inactive being pondered. Especially successful the post-Covid, hyper-digital 2020s.

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In a caller AWS lawsuit lawsuit study, SGK Inc. -- a supplier of packaging and ecommerce solutions -- reports that reduced its IT operating costs utilizing 83% with NoOps and serverless microservices. "The merchandise of AWS Fargate successful precocious 2017 was a decisive infinitesimal to endorse NoOps arsenic a large enactment for a afloat scalable API. SGK launched its archetypal exertion utilizing a NoOps attack astatine the opening of 2018, and since then, each its solutions are NoOps and serverless."

With the rising automation and autonomy of databases, servers, networks, and everything else, there's been speech of a caller mode of bundle delivery: "NoOps." That is, caller codification is pipelined -- from developers' frontal-lobe-to-front-office -- rapidly and automatically, with minimal request for quality intervention.  

The folks astatine TechTarget supply a definition of NoOps as "the conception that an IT situation tin go truthful automated and abstracted from the underlying infrastructure that determination is nary request for a dedicated squad to negociate bundle in-house." 

I asked Greg Nist, manager of the Talend Academy, to explicate the advantages of a NoOps approach.  He points to NoOps arsenic the adjacent improvement of the improvement exemplary from DevOps. "Companies that person adopted the DevOps exemplary person seen important benefits compared with the siloed, waterfall model," helium points out. "DevOps blends the relation of developer and relation to summation accountability and velocity clip of deployments of innovative products, which provides existent value-add to the institution and the customer."

All good, of course. But past Nist posits the adjacent phase: "What if you could modulation from thing large to thing adjacent greater -- thing that could further the clip devoted to development?" helium asks. "That's wherever NoOps comes in. By leveraging unreality services, organizations tin further shrink administration, configuration and deployment enactment successful bid to maximize improvement time."

What astir organizations with anemic oregon nonexistent DevOps initiatives -- tin they marque the leap to a NoOps model? Since it's besides apt that DevOps laggards are besides inactive mired successful on-premises bequest infrastructures, a determination to unreality whitethorn assistance pave the way, Nist states.

Others, however, counsel caution with NoOps -- it's not a panacea, and it's mode excessively aboriginal to deliberation astir handing implicit the bundle implementation keys to the robots. There's inactive a request for quality overseers to grip unexpected events and conditions. While we've travel a agelong mode with the tooling, "the thought that you tin region radical from this equation wholly is beauteous absurd, astatine slightest successful the adjacent 5 years," says David Linthicum successful an InfoWorld column.  He notes bequest systems marque NoOps a nonstarter for galore organizations, but, much importantly, it undermines the people-focused premise of DevOps. "DevOps is not conscionable astir the automation of ops, it's astir radical moving unneurotic to continuously amended bundle improvement and operations," helium says.

Still, moving toward NoOps connection a productivity boost that whitethorn fortify the innovation process, Nist says. "I deliberation it's astir adjuvant to comparison NoOps with the emblematic DevOps workflow, which is truly conscionable iterating among build, trial and release. The build-and-test pieces are what supply worth to the business, and the DevOps exemplary does a bully occupation of shrinking what doesn't supply value: the merchandise phase," helium explains. "However, portion the merchandise model with DevOps is smaller, it's inactive there. And DevOps has created this benignant of grey country wherever developers and operations unit overlap astatine the merchandise stage." 

This grey country of overlap tin make entanglements that volition make bottlenecks. "Let's say, arsenic a developer, the deployment of your clump wasn't done for you, and you're doing things successful a manual oregon adjacent a scripted way," Nist continues. "If you don't get it conscionable right, and you spell to validate your situation erstwhile your merchandise is done, you're going to beryllium stuck successful a rhythm of debugging and trying to fig retired wherever things went wrong. That's going to dilatory you down, and it could beryllium due to the fact that of a elemental mistake -- similar you forgot to click 1 of the options for precocious availability that you needed, and everything breaks." 

The NoOps model, connected the different hand, "raises the level of abstraction astir implementing releases, which allows developers to walk much clip connected physique and test. In fact, with managed unreality services, it's imaginable with conscionable a fewer clicks to configure your full environment, with each the tooling and the model needed, to tally a project. In 15 minutes you tin get a afloat functioning, high-availability clump with each of the bundle and components that you need." 

How volition the roles of operations radical alteration if the endeavor moves to NoOps? In the script described above, "the request for operations arsenic acold arsenic configuration and deployment roles are acrophobic is importantly reduced, truthful overmuch truthful that developers could marque it portion of their workflow," Nist says. "And if you let the existent medication and monitoring of the server, via managed unreality services, it would suggest nary operations teams." 

This whitethorn mean much opportunities for operations radical to elevate their roles successful their organizations, "to recast highly skilled operations professionals into roles successful which they tin dedicate their skills to much of the value-added activities," Nist says. You tin modulation their vigor from thing that was erstwhile simply a necessity to thing that is truly adding worth to the customer. As an example, deliberation of each the clip that goes into Kubernetes, which has a monolithic configuration demand. Remove that from the shoulders of operations staff, and they person the clip and resources for much captious tasks similar continuous deployment, granular usage tracking, amended investigating and more."

Developers whitethorn payment arsenic well, of course. "NoOps frees up the chunk of clip and vigor that they presently dedicate to that past point successful their pipeline -- release," Nist says. "You're virtually taking tasks disconnected of developers' plates, which tin lone mean that they get to bash what they request and privation to do: make chill caller products and services."  

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