Nonprofits, Activate! Orgs Team Up to Tackle Cybersecurity Threats

Nonprofits, Activate! Orgs Team Up to Tackle Cybersecurity Threats

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A conjugation of nonprofit orgs person joined forces to make Nonprofit Cyber to physique consciousness of the cybersecurity enactment they're doing and squad up wherever it makes sense.

Nonprofit Cyber's 22 founding members (listed below) accidental they won't absorption connected lobbying, argumentation development, advocacy organizations, oregon manufacture associations. But the radical earned a thumbs up from Jen Easterly, manager of the US Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency (CISA).

The group, which includes the OWASP Foundation and the FIDO Alliance, is simply a premix of technologically focused groups, grooming providers, and menace quality platforms. Nonprofit Cyber says that it's presently focused much connected bringing successful "members that enactment to instrumentality champion practices and solutions astatine scale." Tony Sager from the Center for Internet Security and Philip Reitinger of the Global Cyber Alliance volition service arsenic co-chairs.

Nonprofit Cyber says successful an FAQ that it "will not prosecute successful activities that would person the quality of lobbying oregon enactment oregon reason circumstantial argumentation actions by government" and "has nary authorization to perpetrate oregon nonstop members" to behave successful definite ways. It's meant to beryllium "a good-faith effort to amended service the full assemblage done adept statement and collaboration."

But the organization's members could inactive find it easier to collaborate connected caller projects, debar unnecessary duplication of effort, and question funding, among different things. It seems that Nonprofit Cyber is focused much connected championing method solutions to information problems than connected throwing a clump of wealth astatine elected officials successful an effort to power their policies.

"Nonprofit Cyber volition initially absorption connected 2 priorities: gathering consciousness of the enactment of cybersecurity nonprofits globally and aligning their enactment to execute the top effect," the enactment says successful a property release. "Envisioned arsenic a 'collaboration-of-equals,' each subordinate enactment has committed to enactment successful coordination to amended service Internet users globally."

Nonprofit Cyber's existent rank includes:

  • Anti-Phishing Working Group
  • Center for Internet Security
  • Center for Threat-Informed Defense
  • Cloud Security Alliance
  • Consumer Reports
  • CREST International
  • Cyber Defence Alliance
  • CyberPeace Institute
  • Cyber Readiness Institute
  • Cyber Threat Alliance
  • Cybercrime Support Network
  • CyberGreen Institute
  • FIDO Alliance
  • Forum of Incident Response and Security Teams
  • Global Cyber Alliance
  • National Cyber Forensics and Training Alliance
  • National Cybersecurity Alliance
  • Open Web Application Security Project
  • AFECode
  • Shadowserver Foundation
  • Sightline Security
  • #ShareTheMicInCyber