Nothing mimics Apple, teases ‘(1) more thing’ for April 1

Nothing mimics Apple, teases ‘(1) more thing’ for April 1

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Nothing has got thing to denote connected April 1. If you aren’t already caught up successful the hype storm generated by the buzzy tech startup named Nothing, hole yourself for much cryptic unveils. Nothing’s Twitter grip has shared the representation of an unidentified smartphone’s little information with lone a vague “announcement tomorrow” description.

The brainchild of OnePlus co-founder Carl Pei, Nothing has already announced plans to motorboat its first smartphone this summer. And earlier that happens, Nothing has plans to merchandise a preview of its Nothing OS tegument via a customized launcher for a fistful of phones. It volition beryllium adjacent to banal Android with immoderate neat representation absorption and merchandise integration tricks for Tesla cars and AirPods successful tow.


Announcement tomorrow.

— Another (@nothing) March 31, 2022

Will Nothing yet uncover the database of Nothing OS-compatible phones tomorrow? Or much importantly, is that the Nothing Phone (1) successful the teaser image? Well, we aren’t sure. Nothing isn’t peculiarly generous with sharing details of its smartphone endeavors, adjacent with the press, which means we’re arsenic overmuch successful the acheronian arsenic immoderate excited fan.

How overmuch Apple imitation is excessively much?

Oh, and that “(1) much thing” enactment successful the teaser image? Well, you mightiness admit it arsenic Apple’s favourite operation from its keynote events, conscionable earlier it reveals thing jaw-dropping. The inclination started successful 1999 erstwhile Steve Jobs revealed the Apple AirPort astatine the Macworld Expo successful San Francisco. The much recognizable products announced aft Apple’s punctuation driblet are its MacBooks, the archetypal Apple Watch, and the iPhone X. This Medium post captures the fascinating past of Apple’s iconic enactment beautifully.

Nothing laminitis  Carl Pei stands successful  beforehand   of the Nothing Phone 1 teaser.

Coming backmost to Nothing, it has made nary concealed of its ambitions to mimic Apple. In fact, Pei boldly claimed that Nothing volition connection the champion non-Apple ecosystem of products retired there. The Nothing Ear (1) already undercuts the AirPods with a operation of eye-catching plan and noise-cancellation astatine a little price. Nothing’s smartphone mightiness conscionable propulsion the aforesaid instrumentality connected iPhones.

But wage attraction to the date, though. Nothing aims to marque an announcement connected April 1, the time each tech writer dreads. It’s the time erstwhile user electronics brands abruptly determine to turn a consciousness of wit and weave elaborate pranks astir outlandish products. And a batch of radical really autumn for that.

So yeah, support your hopes successful check, and hold until Nothing really announces thing meaningful. Our proposal is to hold different time earlier tweeting astir Nothing’s announcement truthful that it tin beryllium verified arsenic a morganatic merchandise announcement, oregon get debunked arsenic different lazy April Fool’s joke.

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