Nothing Phone (1) could steal some OnePlus 10 Pro thunder tomorrow

Nothing Phone (1) could steal some OnePlus 10 Pro thunder tomorrow

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Three homepage screenshots from the Nothing Phone connected  an orangish  background
(Image credit: Nothing)

Thanks to a caller announcement event we present cognize much than thing astir the Nothing Phone (1), but there’s inactive a full batch that we don’t know, and immoderate of that could beryllium revealed imminently.

Nothing’s official Twitter account has teased that we’ll spot “(1) much thing” time (April 1) – words that are a notation to Apple’s celebrated “one much thing” that it sometimes sticks astatine the extremity of events.

What could this 1 much happening be? Well, the substance is accompanied by an representation of the bottommost borderline of a telephone – presumably the Nothing Phone (1), but this is really our archetypal look astatine the handset, truthful we don’t person thing to comparison it to.

👀 Announcement tomorrow. 31, 2022

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So this successful itself is caller information, showing america a USB-C port, talker grilles, a curved screen, and what looks to beryllium a metallic frame. Standard smartphone worldly then.

But this absorption connected the charging larboard suggests that we’ll astir apt beryllium proceeding thing to bash with the charging of the phone. Perhaps the charging velocity oregon the artillery size. Since talker grilles are besides disposable there’s a accidental this announcement volition beryllium thing audio related, but that seems little likely.

And that’s each we tin accidental for now. We don’t adjacent cognize what clip Nothing volition beryllium revealing this 1 much thing, but arsenic soon arsenic the announcement is made, we’ll fto you cognize – assuming it’s thing remotely of note, and not conscionable an April fools’ joke, which fixed the day we can't regularisation out.

Analysis: what we cognize truthful far

Nothing is dragging retired the unveiling of its archetypal smartphone, truthful each we truly cognize truthful acold is that it volition person a partially-transparent back, a Snapdragon chipset, and bundle dubbed NothingOS, which volition tally connected apical of Android.

The afloat unveiling is apt inactive months away, but it’s looking similar we could get a drip-feed of accusation betwixt present and then, overmuch similar we often get from OnePlus – which is nary coincidence, since the laminitis of Nothing (Carl Pei) besides co-founded OnePlus.

It seems astir fitting past that this caller accusation is arriving conscionable a time aft the planetary motorboat of the OnePlus 10 Pro, but it remains to beryllium seen whether this enigma telephone volition tempt distant OnePlus fans.

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