Nothing’s Phone 1 isn’t coming to the US

Nothing’s Phone 1 isn’t coming to the US

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Nothing has confirmed that its debut smartphone, the Phone 1, won’t beryllium getting a wide merchandise successful the US oregon Canada, PCMag reports. Instead, a “limited number” of the devices volition beryllium distributed to assemblage investors successful the state arsenic portion of a “closed beta,” Nothing said successful a statement. It added that it hopes to motorboat a US-supported smartphone successful the future.

“While we’d emotion to bring Phone 1 to the full assemblage astir the world, we’re focusing connected location markets, including the UK and Europe, wherever we person beardown partnerships with starring section carriers,” the institution told PCMag successful a statement. “It takes a batch to motorboat a smartphone arsenic you know, from ensuring the handset is supported by the country’s cellular technologies to bearer partnerships and section regulation, and arsenic we’re inactive a young marque we request to beryllium strategical astir it.”

PCMag reports that anyone who tries to usage Nothing’s telephone successful the US is apt to person “unpredictable” sum connected T-Mobile, nary enactment for dependable implicit LTE connected AT&T, and nary work astatine each connected Verizon.

Rumblings that the Phone 1 volition not person a afloat US merchandise archetypal started to look aft a constricted fig of the smartphones were put up for presale connected StockX up of the device’s official motorboat connected July 12th. The merchandise listing came with a disclaimer that the telephone “is not afloat supported successful North America. Functionality whitethorn beryllium impacted depending connected your carrier, coverage, velocity and/or reliability; oregon it whitethorn not relation astatine all.”

The US smartphone marketplace has historically been hard for caller entrants to interruption into. Phones from fashionable Chinese manufacturers similar Xiaomi, Oppo, and Huawei mostly don’t get wide releases successful the country, and handset selections from US carriers are dominated by Apple and Samsung. It’s possibly unsurprising that a startup similar Nothing hasn’t had much luck breaking through.