Now WhatsApp has a native app on Windows that works standalone

Now WhatsApp has a native app on Windows that works standalone

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WhatsApp’s caller app connected Windows nary longer requires you to nexus your telephone to send, receive, and sync messages. An update connected WhatsApp’s site reveals the refreshed Windows app is retired of beta and disposable to download connected the Microsoft Store.

Previously, users connected Windows had to download WhatsApp’s web-based desktop app oregon entree the messaging work from their web browsers. The caller app is autochthonal to Windows, which, arsenic WhatsApp explains, should marque the app faster and much responsive.

The redesigned WhatsApp has a somewhat cleaner interface erstwhile compared to the erstwhile mentation of the app but different doesn’t look each that different. The biggest alteration is that you nary longer request to support your telephone online to sync messages betwixt your telephone and the desktop app. WhatsApp says it’s presently moving connected a autochthonal app for macOS arsenic well.

Oh wow, the caller mentation of WhatsApp is present retired of beta. It's a modern Windows app which replaces the aged electron/web version. You tin person messages without the app being turned on, and you don't request to beryllium connected to a phone.


— Daniel (@kid_jenius) August 16, 2022

WhatsApp’s multi-device feature has been afloat rolled retired and is retired of beta. This lets you nexus up to 4 devices to your WhatsApp relationship without needing your phone, each portion maintaining end-to-end encryption.

In April, WABetaInfo recovered a screenshot from the beta mentation of WhatsApp connected Android that indicates the level whitethorn soon add multi-device enactment for tablets. Right now, WhatsApp lone lets you nexus computers to your account, truthful adding enactment for tablets (or possibly an further phone) would lone marque sense.

Using linked devices does travel with some limitations, however. For example, if you usage an iPhone arsenic your superior device, you can’t wide oregon delete chats. You besides can’t nonstop messages with nexus previews from WhatsApp web, connection oregon telephone idiosyncratic who’s utilizing a “very aged version” of WhatsApp, arsenic good arsenic presumption unrecorded locations.