Nvidia Broadcast features come to Corsair iCue and Elgato software

Nvidia Broadcast features come to Corsair iCue and Elgato software

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New versions of Corsair iCue and Elgato bundle are present disposable that see recently built successful Nvidia Broadcast features, meaning if you person compatible peripherals and a GeForce RTX GPU you’ll present beryllium capable to entree immoderate AI enhancements. While these technologies are chiefly focussed connected bolstering the prime of your streaming setup, they tin besides assistance successful different applications similar Discord, Zoom, and more.

Both Corsair iCue and Elgato Wave Link present boast Nvidia Broadcast Noise Removal, which aims to springiness the best gaming headsets and microphones noise-cancelling capabilities by removing unwanted ambient noise. Meanwhile, Elgato Camera Hub has gained a caller ‘AI Background’ feature, allowing you to use blur effects arsenic good arsenic customized backdrops to supported webcams.

You’ll people request to update Corsair iCue and immoderate Elgato bundle you person installed connected your gaming PC to entree these features. This tin beryllium done from wrong the applications themselves, but we’ve provided links down beneath to download pages:

We anticipation that Nvidia Brodcast yet makes its mode into different peripheral bundle similar Razer Synapse oregon Logitech G Hub, particularly considering that some companies nutrient immoderate of the best webcams successful the market. Better still, we’d emotion to spot competing solutions travel from AMD and Intel, making the contention for the best graphics card that overmuch much breathtaking for america would-be buyers.

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