Nvidia loves that you’re paying $300 more to upgrade your GPU

Nvidia loves that you’re paying $300 more to upgrade your GPU

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At a caller investor’s day, Nvidia SVP Jeff Fisher revealed that radical are spending astir $300 much erstwhile upgrading their graphics card – but the institution should beryllium cautious astir being excessively jubilant astir this.

"The GPU is offering much worth than ever,” Fisher said, “Based connected our data, [customers] are spending $300 much than they paid for the graphics paper they replaced."

While Fisher’s constituent was that gamers are going for higher models erstwhile buying a caller GPU (moving from a GTX 1060 to an RTX 3070, for example), that remark could beryllium seen arsenic alternatively crass successful the existent climate.

Although we’ve started to spot graphics paper prices autumn aft respective years of inflated prices owed to banal shortages, spot shortages, the pandemic and cryptocurrency roar (basically, the apocalypse), galore graphics cards are inactive selling for overmuch higher than their archetypal price.

As PCMag points out, the Nvidia RTX 3060 Ti should merchantability astatine $399, but is inactive being sold for up to $699. While Fisher whitethorn not person been talking astir radical paying $300 much this way, it tin surely consciousness similar it.

Analysis: Lack of choice


(Image credit: Future)

When Nvidia seemingly boasted astir radical paying $300 more, they were talking astir however gamers are choosing much almighty and costly models. In mean times, this would surely beryllium noteworthy, and beryllium Fisher’s constituent astir however caller RTX 3000 GPUs connection amended show and worth that person radical to splash retired much connected their GPU.

However, these are not mean times, and with graphics cards inactive hard to buy, it’s hard to work excessively overmuch into buying habits. The information is, there’s simply not overmuch prime retired there, truthful erstwhile a GPU does travel into stock, radical whitethorn consciousness they request to bargain it, careless of the GPU they were hoping to get. There's a chiseled anticipation that galore of the radical who person paid $300 much for a much almighty GPU whitethorn not person done truthful wholly willingly, which makes Nvidia’s celebrations of the information consciousness a spot successful atrocious taste.

There’s nary uncertainty that Nvidia’s existent procreation of graphics cards are mostly fantabulous products, and determination volition beryllium radical looking to upgrade to 1 of the higher-end cards specified arsenic the RTX 3070, RTX 3080 oregon RTX 3080 Ti. As Nvidia revealed, 29% of Nvidia owners person upgraded from an older GTX paper to a newer RTX GPU. At the moment, the trusty Nvidia GeForce GTX 1060 seems to beryllium the astir fashionable GPU, going by a caller Steam Hardware survey.

Not a atrocious number, but there’s inactive 71% of radical inactive connected GTX cards. That offers plentifulness of imaginable for Nvidia, but it’ll besides look challenges getting immoderate radical to upgrade, particularly with banal levels truthful debased and prices inactive truthful high. Making statements that could annoy immoderate of its lawsuit basal won’t help.

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