Nvidia RTX 4000 gaming laptop leak reveals mobile GPU specs

Nvidia RTX 4000 gaming laptop leak reveals mobile GPU specs

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Waiting for Nvidia RTX 4000 laptop GPUs? Well, you’re successful luck, arsenic a caller leak suggests they’ll popular up soon. While erstwhile benchmarks hint astatine an RTX 4050 mobile variant, higher spec’d options are allegedly connected the way.

We’re inactive waiting for an authoritative mobile RTX 4000 announcement from Nvidia, and the best gaming laptop contenders presently inactive wield Ampere. Naturally, you whitethorn beryllium tempted to splash retired connected a portable powerhouse during Black Friday, but you mightiness privation to bent occurrence if insider accusation happens to beryllium true.

Leaked Time Spy Benchmarks obtained by Wccftech reveal stats for assorted RTX 4000 laptop GPUs, including the RTX 4070, RTX 4080, and 4080 Ti. The armada of best graphics card contenders volition seemingly amusement up astatine CES 2023, but the work says exemplary names could alteration earlier the large event.

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The battalion of caller Nvidia mobile GPUs is led by the RTX 4080 Ti, equipped with 16GB VRAM. There’s nary motion of the little spec RTX 4050 mentioned successful erstwhile Samsung gaming laptop benchmarks, arsenic the lowest-tier paper appears to be an 8GB RTX 4070.

Whether we’ll spot the erstwhile aboriginal adjacent twelvemonth remains to beryllium seen, but the mid-range mobile GPU reportedly beats its Ampere predecessor by 45%. In addition, the caller RTX 4000 laptop scope seemingly offers 30% amended show compared to past gen, but it’s unclear whether that’s with a small assistance from DLSS 3.

As always, we’d counsel ingesting immoderate RTX 4000 rumours with the accustomed atom of salt, arsenic Nvidia is known for often changing its caput erstwhile it comes to GPU releases. That said, CES is conscionable astir the corner, truthful we’re fractional expecting to perceive thing astir GeForce RTX-powered laptops.

If portable gaming isn’t your thing, you mightiness privation to cheque retired our Nvidia RTX 4080 review and find retired whether the Lovelace GPU justifies its lofty terms tag.

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