Nvidia’s DLSS 3 could make the monstrous RTX 4090 a little less power hungry

Nvidia’s DLSS 3 could make the monstrous RTX 4090 a little less power hungry

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Nvidia’s upcoming flagship, the RTX 4090, was tested successful Cyberpunk 2077. It did a large job, but the results were acold amended with DLSS 3 enabled.

The paper managed to astonishment america successful 2 ways. One, the maximum timepiece was higher than expected, and two, DLSS 3 really managed to little the card’s powerfulness gully by a sizeable amount.

The apical  of the Nvidia RTX 4080 cooler.

The paper was tested successful 1440p successful a strategy with an Intel Core i9-12900K CPU, moving the highest imaginable settings that Cyberpunk 2077 has to offer, meaning with ultra ray tracing enabled and connected Psycho (max) settings. First, let’s look astatine however the GPU was doing without DLSS 3 enabled.

At the autochthonal resolution, the crippled was moving astatine an mean of 59 frames per 2nd (fps) with a latency that hovered astir 72 to 75 milliseconds (ms). The RTX 4090 was capable to deed a whopping 2.8GHz timepiece speed, and that’s without overclocking — those are banal speeds, adjacent though the maximum advertised timepiece velocity for the RTX 4090 is conscionable implicit 2.5GHz. This means an summation of astir 13% without an overclock. During the demo, the GPU reached 100% utilization, but the temperatures stayed tenable astatine astir 55 degrees Celsius.

It’s a antithetic communicative erstwhile DLSS 3 is toggled on, though. As Wccftech notes successful its report, the GPU was utilizing a pre-release mentation of DLSS 3, truthful these results mightiness inactive change. For now, however, DLSS 3 is looking much and much awesome by the minute.

Enabling DLSS 3 besides enables the DLSS Frame Generation setting, and for this test, the Quality preset was used. Once again, the GPU deed maximum utilization and a 2.8GHz boost clock, but the somesthesia was person to 50C alternatively than 55C. The fps gains were thing abbreviated of massive, hitting 119 fps and an mean latency of 53ms. This means that the framework rates doubled portion the latency was reduced by 30%.

We besides person the powerfulness depletion figures for some DLSS 3 connected and off, and this is wherever it gets adjacent much impressive. Without DLSS 3, the GPU was consuming 461 watts of powerfulness connected average, and the show per watt (Frames/Joule) was rated astatine 0.135 points. Enabling DLSS 3 brought the wattage down to conscionable 348 watts, meaning a simplification of 25%, portion the show per watt was boosted to 0.513 — astir 4 times that of the trial without DLSS 3.

The RTX 4090 among greenish  stripes.

Wccftech has besides tested this connected an RTX 3090 Ti and recovered similar, albeit worse, results. The GPU inactive saw a boost successful show (64%) and a driblet successful powerfulness gully (10%), truthful the vigor depletion numbers are not arsenic impressive, confirming that DLSS 3 volition connection a existent upgrade implicit its predecessor.

The crushed down this unexpected quality successful powerfulness depletion mightiness prevarication successful the mode the GPU is utilized with DLSS 3 enabled. The load placed connected the FP32 cores moves to the GPU tensor cores. This helps escaped up immoderate of the load placed connected the full GPU and, arsenic a result, cuts the powerfulness consumption.

It’s nary quality that the RTX 4090 is 1 power-hungry card, truthful it’s bully to spot that DLSS 3 mightiness beryllium capable to bring those figures down a notch oregon two. Now, each we request is a crippled that tin afloat instrumentality vantage of this benignant of performance. Nvidia’s GeForce RTX 4090 is acceptable to merchandise connected October 12 and volition get with a $1,599 terms tag. With little than a period near until its launch, we should commencement seeing much comparisons and benchmarks soon.

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