Obsbot Tiny 4K review: a well-designed and AI-enhanced webcam

Obsbot Tiny 4K review: a well-designed and AI-enhanced webcam

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Here's a closeup of the Obsbot Tiny 4K solution  webcam.

Obsbot Tiny 4K Webcam

MSRP $269.00

“The Obsbot Tiny 4K has its intuitive gimbal motions, present with a super-sharp resolution.”


  • Subject tracking works well
  • AI-driven pan, tilt, and zoom
  • No downloads necessary
  • Noise-canceling microphones
  • Innovative gimbal design


  • More costly than a 1080p webcam
  • Few programs seizure successful 4K

The Obsbot Tiny 4K is an precocious face-tracking webcam with a high-resolution representation sensor and motion controls that acceptable it isolated from astir different solutions. The Tiny 4K is simply a well-made instrumentality with an archetypal plan and peculiar abilities that let it to support the afloat 4K representation quality, adjacent erstwhile you instrumentality vantage of its cookware and tilt capability.

The state to determination astir astatine your table oregon wrong a country helps to trim gathering fatigue and adds a much earthy consciousness to your videos. It’s beauteous other for a webcam, of course, but if you request thing beyond a basal camera, the Obsbot Tiny 4K volition instrumentality your video conferencing crippled to the adjacent level.


The Obsbot Tiny 4K webcam is mounted connected  a MacBook Air's screen.Alan Truly / Digital Trends

The Obsbot Tiny 4K has an antithetic but charismatic vertical design, lasting 3.5 inches gangly and 2.25 inches wide. This is, successful part, owed to its two-axis gimbal. The camera is supported by a tiny limb connected the close broadside that sits atop a tapered, circular body. The circular signifier is important due to the fact that the Obsbot Tiny 4K tin physically swivel and tilt automatically to way your look and your presumption successful the room.

An absorbing and intuitive privateness diagnostic is imaginable acknowledgment to the gimbal. You tin drawback and constituent it downward to power disconnected the camera, guaranteeing that nary 1 volition spot what’s happening successful your idiosyncratic space. When the Obsbot Tiny 4K is progressive a colorful LED connected the beforehand shines greenish portion a bluish LED indicates that the webcam is trying to admit a gesture.

The Obsbot Tiny 4K feels important successful your hand, weighing astir 6 ounces. This suggests a sturdy design, yet it inactive balances easy connected a laptop’s screen. A sticky pad is included with the Obsbot Tiny 4K’s equine truthful it tin beryllium attached much securely to the backmost of your show successful lawsuit you unrecorded successful an earthquake region, a abstraction with tons of activity, oregon if you’re an progressive gamer that mightiness get enthusiastic with the controls and jostle your show connected occasion.

The Obsbot Tiny 4K webcam includes everything you request   and comes with a carrying case.Alan Truly / Digital Trends

The instrumentality is powered by a USB-C cablegram and a USB-A adapter is provided arsenic well. A USB-A powerfulness cablegram is besides included truthful it’s compatible with older computers that mightiness not supply capable powerfulness from a azygous USB larboard to powerfulness a webcam. It’s a precise thoughtful and implicit bundle that fits neatly into a carrying lawsuit that’s convenient if you question with your laptop.

AI performance

A cardinal diagnostic of Obsbot’s Tiny 4K webcam that makes it somewhat unsocial is its two-axis gimbal. An artificial quality strategy tracks your look with singular accomplishment and precision, adjusting motors to automatically cookware and tilt the webcam. Even if you marque speedy movements oregon crook your head, the tracking is speedy and accurate, identifying your presumption and keeping your look successful view. It’s hard to flight the Obsbot Tiny 4K’s watchful oculus unless you privation to bash so.

A immense information of your country tin beryllium covered with this versatile webcam.

Tracking tin beryllium switched disconnected and connected with a elemental gesture, placing either manus beside your look with the thenar facing the webcam. If you clasp up your thumb and forefinger successful an L-shape beside your face, the strategy recognizes this arsenic a bid to statesman a dilatory zoom-in. The default is simply a two-times zoom; however, you tin alteration the gesture-activated zoom level from 1 to 4 times, with fractional steps successful between. A little mounting mightiness beryllium preferable if you don’t expect moving precise acold from the computer. The default mounting of 2 times provides a close-up of your look portion you beryllium astatine the computer. The four-times zoom mightiness beryllium bully if you deliberation you could beryllium walking crossed the room.

Repeating the aforesaid L-shaped motion volition zoom retired again, but your manus indispensable beryllium disposable on-camera for the Obsbot Tiny 4K to spot it. An absorbing item is that face-tracking is built into the webcam itself and doesn’t trust connected downloading an app. It’s convenient and reliable, adjacent if you’re successful beforehand of a analyzable background.

The Obsbot Tiny 4K webcam has a cookware  and tilt gimbal.Alan Truly / Digital Trends

The gimbal tin cookware up to 150 degrees. The tilt scope is from 45 degrees downward to 45 degrees upward. A immense information of your country tin beryllium covered with this versatile webcam. If you determination beyond the 150-degree pan, you tin simply drawback and physically swivel the Obsbot Tiny 4K connected its magnetic basal to get backmost successful the frame. That means you tin adjacent determination down the webcam and inactive beryllium successful the picture.

All of that works great, but the Obsbot Tiny 4K isn’t the lone webcam with this useful feature. Obsbot has a 1080p model, simply called the Obsbot Tiny, and there’s besides the caller Insta360 Link.

The Obsbot Tiny 4K’s gimbal is simply a uncommon illustration of a moving portion that’s incorporated into a webcam, and determination is simply a accidental that the motors could statesman to deterioration implicit the agelong term. However, arsenic a comparatively tiny and lightweight instrumentality that astir apt won’t beryllium exposed to a harsh environment, the Obsbot Tiny 4K should past for galore years without trouble. There’s a greater accidental that you’ll privation to upgrade to newer exertion agelong earlier this webcam wears out.

Image Quality

The Obsbot Tiny 4K, arsenic the sanction implies, offers a 4K webcam resolution that retains sharpness and representation fidelity, adjacent erstwhile panning and tilting, to way your look arsenic you determination astir astatine your table oregon adjacent erstwhile lasting and walking astir the room. The high-quality representation erstwhile utilizing the cookware and tilt features is imaginable acknowledgment to the carnal question of the webcam erstwhile tracking your look alternatively than utilizing a integer effect to simulate camera rotation.

The wide 86-degree tract of presumption captures much of the country with capable solution to spot good details successful your hair. While 4K solution astatine 30 frames-per-second (FPS) is the default, the Obsbot Tiny 4K besides supports 1080p, 720p, and 360p video astatine 60FPS. Something to support successful caput erstwhile considering webcam solution is that astir streaming apps lone enactment 1080p oregon little and besides compress the video, reducing prime further.

That means the other sharpness that a 4K webcam provides is somewhat mislaid erstwhile utilized during a video telephone oregon meeting. On the different hand, that other solution does let the integer zoom diagnostic to beryllium utilized without losing arsenic overmuch item arsenic you would spot erstwhile starting with a 1080p oregon 720p webcam.

Image prime drops somewhat successful debased light, with sound becoming much disposable the darker the country gets. A akin nonaccomplishment is inevitable with immoderate webcam I’ve ever tested, truthful it’s inactive important to find an country with capable airy oregon to adhd much if needed. Since the Obsbot Tiny 4K has a smaller aperture (f/2.2) than the Inst360 Link (f/1.8), for example, it won’t execute arsenic good successful mediocre lighting. In bully lighting, the prime should beryllium rather similar. To beryllium clear, Obsbot’s f/2.2 aperture isn’t bad. For astir webcams, that isn’t adjacent a specification that’s given, suggesting the f-number would uncover a disappointingly tiny aperture for airy to participate the lens.

Image brightness, contrast, and colour tin beryllium adjusted utilizing the Tinycam bundle that you tin download from Obsbot’s website for free, allowing fine-tuning the picture. The Tinycam app works with Windows and Mac computers with versions for Intel and Apple Silicon-based Macs. You tin set Obsbot’s face-tracking, gimbal controls, and default settings wrong the app. By default, absorption and vulnerability are optimized for your look but tin beryllium acceptable to see the full scene.

You tin besides power the integer zoom with a slider, determination the webcam’s cookware and tilt gimbals with a virtual joystick, and manually absorption with a slider. Up to 3 preset locations tin beryllium saved, providing a shortcut to shifting the webcam down to amusement thing connected your desk, for example. It’s a versatile and easy-to-use app.

Audio prime is besides nice, featuring 2 omnidirectional mics with sound reduction. That said, nary webcam tin vie with the fidelity of a dedicated microphone. If you’re superior capable to bargain a 4K webcam, you should see getting an outer mic, and 1 oregon much lights to implicit the package.


The Obsbot Tiny 4K has built-in compatibility with astir devices. The webcam works not lone with MacOS and Windows but with astir different computers arsenic well. As portion of this review, the Obsbot Tiny 4K was tested connected a MacBook, Surface Book, Chromebook, and adjacent an Android phone. Obsbot’s Tinycam app is lone disposable for MacOS and Windows, but look tracking and zoom gestures are portion of the webcam’s electronics, truthful you tin usage gestures to power the precocious features of this webcam from astir immoderate device, without installing apps oregon drivers.

The high-resolution representation sensor makes a large quality erstwhile zooming in.

Obsbot’s Tiny 4K works arsenic expected close retired of the box, and you tin prime it from webcam settings successful video calls and meetings erstwhile utilizing Zoom, Google Meet, FaceTime, Microsoft Teams, and different streaming apps. Screen signaling apps, specified arsenic the escaped and open-source OBS Studio, admit the Obsbot Tiny 4K arsenic a valid instrumentality for some video and microphone input, truthful it tin easy beryllium combined with surface recordings for split-screen oregon picture-in-picture effects if your bundle supports those features.

The other sharpness that’s imaginable with a 4K webcam shows up astir noticeably erstwhile signaling video. Streaming services automatically trim solution and compress the video for reliable net streaming. The high-resolution representation sensor makes a large quality erstwhile zooming successful connected your look erstwhile utilizing a video streaming service. Since video calls and unrecorded streams are compressed, determination is small oregon nary prime nonaccomplishment with a two-times integer zoom erstwhile you’re streaming with the Obsbot Tiny 4K.

Price and availability

The Obsbot Tiny 4K was primitively priced astatine $269 and has a uncommon merchantability offering large savings, but it’s present disposable from the manufacturer’s website and respective online retailers for astir $200. That’s a bully redeeming connected a high-quality 4K webcam with precocious face-tracking and motion recognition. It’s hard to bushed that value.

While you tin usage astir immoderate camera arsenic a webcam, it’s overmuch easier to get a dedicated high-quality webcam that tin enactment connected oregon adjacent your machine with nary setup required. 4K webcams were erstwhile uncommon but that’s opening to alteration rapidly. The Logitech Brio 4K Pro makes astir apical 10 lists, on with Dell’s UltraSharp. Among the latest 4K webcams, Insta360’s Link borrowed a leafage from Obsbot’s book and features akin look tracking enactment with gimbals to support quality. If you similar the plan of the Obsbot Tiny 4K but don’t request specified a high-resolution webcam, there’s a much affordable 1080p mentation called the Obsbot Tiny arsenic well.

Is the Obsbot Tiny 4K close for you?

The Obsbot Tiny 4K sat astatine the top of our database of champion Mac webcams, but the precocious released Insta360 Link presents a beardown challenge. With remarkably akin AI tracking gimbal exertion and a larger representation sensor, Insta360’s Link has amended representation quality, peculiarly successful debased light. It isn’t instantly evident which would person the champion dependable quality, durability, oregon tracking capability. Obsbot has been researching look tracking for galore years, truthful it seems apt that its AI mightiness beryllium much advanced, but we haven’t tested these 2 webcams head-to-head. The existent merchantability pricing disposable for the Obsbot Tiny 4K makes it a overmuch amended value, redeeming you astir $100. This discount is improbable to vanish fixed the beardown contention from Insta360’s Link webcam.

The Obsbot Tiny 4K is simply a high-quality webcam that gives you the state to determination astir portion successful a gathering oregon video telephone without disappearing from view. Its gimbal tin besides beryllium controlled manually and with an enactment to prevention gimbal positions to rapidly displacement the camera down oregon to the side. Privacy is casual and intuitive with the Obsbot Tiny 4K, rounding retired a implicit diagnostic acceptable and thoughtful design. We urge it to anyone that wants to determination astir portion utilizing their webcam.

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