One of my major Android Auto frustrations is finally getting fixed

One of my major Android Auto frustrations is finally getting fixed

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Animation of however  the Android Auto UI tin  capable    immoderate  surface  size and format

(Image credit: Google)

There's bully quality for Android Auto users, arsenic updates for the in-car, phone-mirroring strategy announced during Google IO 2022 person revealed a new-look UI and amended functionality.

And it's astir time.

Google made a fig Android Automotive OS and Android Auto update announcements, and the 1 which truly caught my attraction was the caller UI for the aboriginal system, which allows the interface to seamless standard to immoderate screen-size successful your car - arsenic shown by the GIF above. 

It means those utilizing Android Auto - wherever you link your smartphone to your vehicle's show either wirelessly oregon via a USB cablegram - volition spot the strategy instrumentality full-advantage of the abstraction available. Something it doesn't bash currently.

Years of frustration

Look, I emotion Android Auto. It's helped maine navigate roads not lone successful my autochthonal England, but crossed Europe and North America for years. 

Google's wide navigation and real-time postulation makes driving overseas immoderate overmuch simpler, portion integrations with Spotify and WhatsApp support maine entertained and in-touch.

It's not a cleanable system, and I'm perpetually frustrated whenever I nexus Android Auto successful a caller car and it lone uses portion of the surface available, often leaving a chunk of show redundant.

With the advancements of in-car tech, expedited by the uptick successful electrical vehicles (EVs) which are boasting ever expanding surface sizes, there's an atrocious batch of existent property to play with, and Auto is yet astir to instrumentality advantage.

Even successful my idiosyncratic car, a Kia Niro, I'm looking guardant to Android Auto filling the entirety of the cardinal show arsenic presently it fills astir 2 thirds, leaving the last 3rd unused.

New Android Auto UI shown connected  a scenery  show  connected  the dash of a car

The caller Android Auto UI allows much apps to beryllium shown (Image credit: Google)

The quality for Auto to intelligently standard to immoderate surface size and predisposition it's being shown connected volition let it to show much app functions astatine once, reducing the distraction of having to power betwixt them, portion besides providing larger, clearer visuals.

The caller UI volition prioritize "core idiosyncratic needs", which means alongside mapping, you'll besides spot your different commonly utilized applications specified arsenic podcasts, euphony and audiobooks.

Once the update rolls out, Android Auto volition besides stock relevant, contextual alerts and suggestions, specified arsenic the enactment to stock your accomplishment clip with others and reply to messages oregon missed calls with a azygous tap.

This Android Auto update won't lick everyone's bug-bears, but it's a immense affirmative measurement successful the close absorption for me.

Google says the update volition rotation retired "just successful clip for summer", which means it should beryllium imminent (May / June 2022), but we've contacted the hunt elephantine to inquire for further clarification connected this. We'll update this nonfiction erstwhile we person a response.

Automotive OS gets video boost

It's not conscionable Android Auto that's getting caller skills though, arsenic Google besides announced caller video apps for its Android Automotive OS.

The Automotive OS is baked straight into vehicles and does not necessitate your smartphone, giving you nonstop entree to cardinal Google apps and galore much via the Play Store, each connected the surface successful the car.

The excavation of vehicles which presently tally Android Automotive OS is inactive comparatively small, but GM, Ford, Nissan, Volvo, Polestar, Honda and Renault presently connection it successful prime models.

And soon (no nonstop day yet), you'll beryllium capable to ticker video connected a trio of caller apps which are being added to the platform; Tubi, YouTube and Epix. They'll lone beryllium disposable erstwhile you're parked up - whether that's portion you complaint your EV, oregon hold connected a curbside pickup.

A small further down the enactment (again, nary steadfast day yet), you'll besides beryllium capable to browse the web from the comfortableness of your car - erstwhile parked. These are features we've already seen successful Teslas, but with Google bringing them to its in-car OS, it means much drivers successful the aboriginal volition summation access. 

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