OneDrive is getting stories, but it’s not what you expect

OneDrive is getting stories, but it’s not what you expect

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You mightiness beryllium acquainted with “stories” from Instagram and different societal media apps. The fashionable diagnostic lets you stock your favourite moments and memories, and past they vanish aft a afloat day. Well, it turns retired that Microsoft’s OneDrive unreality retention service is getting thing similar, but not successful the mode you think.

According to Microsoft’s Catherine Feldman, OneDrive’s now-in-testing photograph stories diagnostic is designed to assistance you link your favourite moments and memories with those who are adjacent to you successful life. Unlike Instagram stories, though, OneDrive photograph stories springiness you a backstage invite-only feed. This provender is simply a spot to stock photos from OneDrive with household and friends, and person them comment, react, and similar them.

OneDrive Stories feature.

You’ll adjacent get notifications astir stories to assistance you person meaningful interactions. Yet determination is nary mode to hunt for radical oregon accounts to find a photograph story, arsenic it is each invite-only, and done OneDrive. The diagnostic is designed to beryllium a bonus portion of OneDrive and a Microsoft Account.

“With OneDrive photograph story, you tin deepen your idiosyncratic connections and tight-knit communities without compromising your privateness oregon idiosyncratic data,” explained Feldman.

At the moment, the OneDrive photograph communicative diagnostic is lone successful preview arsenic portion of beta successful Australia connected the OneDrive apps connected Android and iOS, arsenic good arsenic OneDrive connected the web. Microsoft is readying to rotation retired the diagnostic aboriginal this twelvemonth successful the U.S. The institution mentioned that it wants to perceive to lawsuit feedback and make and amended connected the diagnostic first.

Once this is disposable for you, it volition beryllium nether the Shared tab successful OneDrive. On browsers, meanwhile, you tin prime the Shared tab from the near navigation bar. You tin past take Create post and prime the photos you privation to share, adhd a description, and station the story. Note that anyone who wants to travel you oregon presumption your communicative volition request to person a Microsoft account. They won’t request to beryllium a Microsoft 365 subscriber, and you tin stock retired communicative links manually with anyone. A full enactment page explains however the OneDrive photograph communicative works.

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