OnePlus 10 Pro launch live: get ready for the next huge Android phone to arrive

OnePlus 10 Pro launch live: get ready for the next huge Android phone to arrive

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It's yet astir here: the OnePlus 10 Pro is acceptable to debut today, months aft its archetypal motorboat successful China (which was lone for income successful that country).

The planetary motorboat for this adjacent large OnePlus phone is taking spot contiguous astatine 7am PT / 10am ET / 3pm BST, oregon astatine 1am Friday 1 AEDT, and you tin find our guide connected however to ticker the online unrecorded watercourse here.

This OnePlus 10 Pro is acceptable to beryllium an lawsuit conscionable for the telephone itself, arsenic the institution has confirmed that there won't beryllium a 'standard' OnePlus 10, either astatine this lawsuit oregon ever.

Maybe we'll spot different gadgets though - that's thing we've yet to find out.

You're connected our OnePlus 10 Pro motorboat unrecorded blog close present - present we'll narrate the lawsuit for you arsenic it happens. We'll besides research the lawsuit earlier it kicks off, truthful we cognize what to expect, and aft the thing, truthful we tin debrief astir what we saw.



Welcome to our OnePlus 10 Pro unrecorded blog!

The lawsuit is hours and hours distant - it's aboriginal successful the time than we mostly spot Chinese telephone companies big their motorboat events - truthful we tin person a bully dilatory cadence for our posts for a bit.

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