OnePlus 10 Pro review: settling in

OnePlus 10 Pro review: settling in

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The OnePlus 10 Pro’s Hasselblad-branded camera strategy lags down the competition.

It’s a likable device, but OnePlus inactive has immoderate enactment to do

The 10 Pro is OnePlus each grown up. The days of a scrappy upstart challenger are gone — that overmuch was wide with past year’s 9 and 9 Pro, with existent flagship specs and prices to match.

This year, OnePlus has sharpened its imaginativeness of a morganatic flagship telephone to situation the large brands, and the effect is simply a sophisticated, sleek device. It’s not conscionable a cheaper flagship; it’s a existent alternate to Samsung and Google, with an individuality each its own.

That’s not to accidental that OnePlus has wholly closed the spread betwixt itself and the large Android brands. The 10 Pro’s $899 terms makes much consciousness than past year’s $1,069 9 Pro. (There was a little costly version, but it ne'er came to the US.) But astatine the aforesaid price, determination are bully reasons to see the Pixel 6 Pro oregon the $999 Galaxy S22 Plus implicit the 10 Pro. OnePlus has immoderate enactment to bash to drawback up to those competitors successful the camera department, for one. And it inactive hasn’t worked things retired with AT&T, truthful there’s nary enactment for that carrier’s 5G web — conscionable 4G.

Those are immoderate large considerations, and they support maine from freely recommending the 10 Pro to conscionable anyone looking for a premium Android phone. But I’m encouraged by the absorption the institution is taking with the 10 Pro, and if this is so the caller OnePlus, I similar wherever it’s headed.

The 10 Pro’s 6.7-inch surface is simply a small taller than the contention and offers a accelerated 120Hz refresh rate.

With a 6.7-inch screen, the OnePlus 10 Pro is nary uncertainty a large phone. It features a 1440p LTPO OLED sheet that’s mildly curved connected the agelong edges. Its 20:9 facet ratio is simply a hairsbreadth taller than the S22 Plus and Pixel 6 Pro’s displays, and it matches their apical refresh complaint of 120Hz. Side by side, I tin spot that the show doesn’t get rather arsenic searingly agleam arsenic the Galaxy S22 Plus’ erstwhile they’re some exposed to nonstop sunlight, but it’s agleam capable to usage comfortably, adjacent outdoors.

The 10 Pro features an aluminum framework on with Gorilla Glass Victus connected the beforehand and Gorilla Glass 5 connected the backmost panel. OnePlus took a leafage retired of Samsung’s publication and blended the metallic camera bump lodging into the broadside rails of the phone, and it’s a bully look. They whitethorn beryllium cribbing idiosyncratic else’s work, but astatine slightest it’s 1 of the astute kids successful the class.

OnePlus is doing that happening again wherever the bearer mentation of the telephone — lone sold done T-Mobile successful the US — has an IP68 rating, but the unlocked mentation doesn’t. OnePlus says there’s nary physique prime quality betwixt the unlocked telephone and the 1 connected T-Mobile’s shelves. Do with that accusation what you will.

The carnal size differences betwixt the 10 Pro and immoderate different large flagship Android telephone are tiny — conscionable a fewer millimeters successful either direction, depending connected what instrumentality you’re comparing it to. That said, it feels a small sleeker and easier to handle, owing partially to that taller screen. It’s easier for maine to wield than the Pixel 6 Pro, which conscionable feels needlessly chunky the much I usage it. The 10 Pro’s in-display optical fingerprint sensor is accelerated and responsive, too, which is an vantage versus the Pixel’s dilatory fingerprint scanner. All around, it’s an enjoyable telephone to transportation and use, adjacent for this tiny telephone fan.

The OnePlus 10 Pro uses this year’s apical Qualcomm chipset, the Snapdragon 8 Gen 1. At launch, the lone variant sold successful North America volition beryllium the 128GB mentation with 8GB of RAM — OnePlus says its 256GB / 12GB RAM volition beryllium disposable successful the US astatine a aboriginal date. These specs connection plentifulness of processing powerfulness for day-to-day tasks. I noticed immoderate precise occasional stutters with heavier tasks similar playing Genshin Impact, but for each intents and purposes, this is simply a speedy instrumentality that delivers flagship-level performance.

Like immoderate different 2022 flagship phone, the 10 Pro offers 5G connectivity. It’s conscionable sub-6GHz 5G, nary super-fast millimeter question (mmWave), which isn’t a occupation for the immense bulk of people. There’s afloat low- and mid-band 5G enactment connected T-Mobile close from launch, but the communicative gets analyzable for the different large US carriers. At launch, the 10 Pro won’t person certification to usage Verizon’s 5G network, but OnePlus says it’s moving with the bearer to get it. In each likelihood, Verizon 5G enactment volition get soon aft motorboat like it did past twelvemonth for the 9 and 9 Pro.

But besides similar past year, there’s nary enactment for AT&T’s 5G web and nary program to adhd it astatine a aboriginal date. That means the 10 Pro volition beryllium stuck connected 4G adjacent arsenic AT&T lights up caller mid-band spectrum implicit the adjacent mates of years that should marque a large betterment to its 5G speeds. The Galaxy S22 Plus and Pixel 6 Pro some connection afloat 5G enactment connected each 3 large carriers with nary caveats, truthful that’s a important miss for the 10 Pro, particularly if you’re hoping to usage it connected AT&T.

The 10 Pro’s large 5,000mAh artillery easy lasts a time with mean use.

The 10 Pro includes a large 5,000mAh artillery that, successful my experience, easy gets maine done a time of mean (and adjacent immoderate heavy) use. Using the Galaxy S22 Plus, I felt similar I had to support an oculus connected my artillery percent and was down into the azygous digits by the extremity of the day. That’s not the lawsuit with the 10 Pro, though I volition suffice that assertion by saying that, since I’m connected Verizon, I wasn’t capable to trial it connected 5G.

I did enable each battery-draining mounting I could deliberation of, including the phone’s high-performance mode, 1440p surface resolution, Always connected Display enabled, and the fastest surface refresh complaint available. Even connected a time mostly spent disconnected of Wi-Fi, with immoderate 4K video signaling and navigation successful the mix, I ne'er ended up successful uncomfortably debased artillery percentages.

There’s much bully quality connected the artillery front: the OnePlus 10 Pro supports accelerated charging, and there’s a accelerated charger provided close successful the box. You decidedly won’t get that with a Samsung oregon Google phone. In the US, the telephone supports 65W charging, portion different regions tin complaint astatine up to 80W. OnePlus says that this lone accounts for a two-minute quality successful the full clip it takes to complaint the phone, and realistically, 65W is plentifulness accelerated — conscionable implicit 30 minutes to bring the artillery from 0 to 100 percent. At nary constituent portion I was investigating this telephone did I privation that it would complaint faster.

All this is to say, you astir apt won’t request to recharge the 10 Pro successful the mediate of the time unless you walk a batch of clip gaming oregon streaming video. But if you bash request to apical the artillery off, you’ll beryllium capable to bash truthful rapidly and without having to walk different $30–$50 to get a accelerated charger.

The Shelf present features a system-wide hunt diagnostic called Scout.

The 10 Pro ships with OnePlus’ mentation of Android 12. It got disconnected to a unsmooth commencement erstwhile it was released for the 9 and 9 Pro, but the motorboat bugs look to person been resolved, and I haven’t noticed immoderate important issues. The Shelf is backmost — that’s a location surface leafage wherever you tin enactment your widgets and an inspirational connection / regular affirmation / quote from a ’90s catastrophe movie. It present features OnePlus’ hunt diagnostic called Scout, which is akin to Spotlight connected the iPhone. It’s not new new, but this is the archetypal clip the diagnostic has appeared successful a telephone sold successful the US. It’s a bully mode to rapidly find contacts, apps, and settings without scrolling done paper pages.

I’ve seen different instrumentality makers clasp Android 12’s absorption connected interface customization, but OnePlus doesn’t look arsenic keen connected it. With a Pixel oregon Galaxy telephone moving Android 12, you tin take a colour palette inspired by your wallpaper to use to system-wide controls and app icons. OnePlus offers a just magnitude of personalization options, but they’re a small much limited, and they each person much of a “OnePlus” spirit to them. You tin person the telephone illustration colors from a photograph successful your camera assemblage and use them to a stylized, graphic wallpaper. It’s neat but a decidedly antithetic vibe — 1 that’s a small much grown up and a small little playful.

OnePlus has boosted its enactment argumentation to supply 3 large OS updates and 4 years of information updates for the 10 Pro. That’s not arsenic bully arsenic what Samsung and Google offer, but it’s getting closer. Google besides promises 3 large OS updates for its ain devices but has extended information enactment to up to 5 years. Samsung inactive offers the champion enactment among Android instrumentality makers, with 4 years of OS upgrades and 5 years of information updates. OnePlus isn’t matching that, but it’s taking a measurement successful the close direction.

There are 3 rear cameras connected the 10 Pro, and they’re broadly the aforesaid arsenic past year’s.

There are 3 rear cameras connected the 10 Pro. The 4th cutout connected the camera bump belongs to the flash, not a silly monochrome sensor oregon thing similar that, convey goodness. There haven’t been immoderate large updates to the rear camera hardware compared to the 9 Pro, but the selfie camera is upgraded with treble the resolution.

  • Main: 48-megapixels f/1.8 with OIS
  • Ultrawide: 50-megapixel f/2.2
  • Telephoto: 8-megapixel f/2.4 with OIS
  • Front: 32-megapixel, fixed focus

This isn’t precisely the aforesaid camera strategy arsenic past year, and determination are immoderate software-based improvements. There’s present an enactment to sprout successful HEIF (High Efficiency Image Format), a compressed inactive photograph format with 10-bit colour that Apple has besides adopted. It’s not connected by default, but you tin alteration it for each 3 rear cameras. Provided you’re viewing a HEIF representation connected a show that supports it, you’ll spot a subtle betterment successful the scope of colour it tin reproduce compared to a modular 8-bit JPEG. The 10 Pro tin sprout 8K video astatine 24p, albeit with a reasonably dense crop, and offers 4K shooting up to 120p for dilatory motion.

OnePlus has introduced a caller RAW shooting mode, too, called RAW Plus, which is accessible successful the camera app’s Pro mode. It’s a computational RAW mode, similar Apple’s ProRAW and Samsung’s Expert RAW. Unlike modular RAW shooting, computational RAW modes see information from aggregate frames to springiness you a last RAW representation with much flexibility for post-processing.

I’m gladsome to spot it connected the 10 Pro, though successful the constricted investigating I’ve been capable to bash with it, I’m not seeing the noticeable improvements implicit modular RAW shooting that I saw utilizing Samsung’s version. The RAW Plus record sizes aren’t substantially bigger than the modular RAWs either, which leads maine to judge it’s not compiling a batch much accusation into that computational RAW file. Maybe this diagnostic is simply a enactment successful progress. In immoderate case, RAW Plus gives you modular DNG files, truthful you tin tinker with them successful immoderate RAW processing bundle similar Lightroom oregon an app similar Snapseed.

  • Ultrawide camera
  • Telephoto camera
  • Telephoto camera
  • Ultrawide camera
  • Ultrawide camera
  • Ultrawide, 150-degree mode
  • Ultrawide, fisheye mode
  • Ultrawide camera
  • Telephoto camera

There are a fewer much additions to the camera diagnostic set, including 3 caller colour filters called Master Styles named for Hasselblad ambassadors, a agelong vulnerability mode, and manual vulnerability controls for video recording. OnePlus has besides tweaked its representation processing for sound simplification and dynamic range.

This database of updates is frankly a small underwhelming, particularly considering that OnePlus’ camera capabilities were already lagging down that of Samsung and Google. Samsung’s phones present nutrient immoderate of the champion representation mode photos from immoderate phone, and Google conscionable updated its precise bully Pixel camera strategy with all-new hardware. The images I’ve taken with the 10 Pro are good, and the ultrawide camera is inactive amended than most, but I can’t accidental I’m impressed otherwise.

Night mode photos are weirdly over-brightened, and the camera sometimes has a inclination to overexpose images, adjacent successful mean indoor lighting. Portrait mode photos look okay, but broadside by broadside with the S22 Plus, it’s evident however overmuch further up Samsung is. I anticipation OnePlus volition enactment a small much effort into the adjacent iteration of its camera alternatively than relying truthful overmuch connected its Hasselblad concern to bash the limb work.

A minimalist vibe and sleek bundle marque the OnePlus 10 Pro a likable device.

There are a batch of things I similar astir the OnePlus 10 Pro, starting with the day-to-day acquisition of utilizing the phone. It conscionable looks nice. Its bundle is nice. It isn’t fussy oregon loaded with a batch of apps I don’t need. It’s pleasant to use, similar a telephone should be.

OnePlus has taken different measurement successful the improvement of its flagship offerings, and it’s a bully one. This feels similar a instrumentality that knows what it is and who it’s for, much truthful than the 9 and 9 Pro. But it’s pugnacious to urge this telephone erstwhile the Pixel 6 Pro is close there, astatine the aforesaid price, with afloat 5G enactment connected each bearer and a overmuch amended camera system. The Galaxy S22 Plus is simply a small much expensive, but it besides has a amended camera system, broader 5G support, and volition get an further twelvemonth of OS upgrades, truthful that other $100 mightiness beryllium wealth good spent successful the agelong run.

Camera prime and 5G compatibility are apt large considerations for idiosyncratic buying a premium Android telephone successful 2022, truthful it’s a shame that the OnePlus doesn’t measurement up successful those categories. But there’s a likability factor, too. And depending connected your priorities, that mightiness beryllium much important than taking amended representation mode photos. The caller OnePlus has immoderate much enactment to do, but it decidedly knows however to marque a likable telephone that feels 1 of a kind.

Photography by Allison Johnson / The Verge

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