OneXplayer Mini: Tips to optimize your handheld PC

OneXplayer Mini: Tips to optimize your handheld PC

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Jon Bitner

By October 8, 2022 7:00AM

The OneXplayer Mini is simply a portable gaming PC that fits successful the thenar of your hand. That means it carries each the advantages (and disadvantages) of your modular desktop, including the request for periodic maintenance. And portion the OneXplayer Mini is simply a almighty instrumentality close retired of the box, determination are a fewer things you tin bash to optimize its show and compression each past framework retired of your games.

If you’re looking to marque a fewer tiny tweaks to your handheld PC, present are immoderate tips to assistance you optimize the OneXplayer Mini.

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Start with our modular Windows optimization tips

Screenshot of however  to unfastened  Settings from Start paper   connected  Windows 11.

Since the OneXplayer comes with Windows 11 installed, it makes consciousness that galore of the things you tin bash to amended its show are the aforesaid things you’d bash connected a desktop oregon laptop. This includes moving successful Game Mode, pausing automatic updates, and configuring your GPU settings. If you request immoderate help, beryllium definite to cheque retired our broad usher connected how to optimize Windows 11 for gaming.

Find your preferred resolution

The Display settings surface  connected  a OneXplayer Mini.

With those modular optimization tips retired of the way, determination are a fewer different things you’ll privation to look astatine to maximize the imaginable of your OneXplayer Mini — and the archetypal is playing astir with your surface resolution. The surface runs astatine a autochthonal 1280×800, but you mightiness find that substance and icons are a spot hard to spot connected the seven-inch screen. Be definite to set not lone your show solution (we’d suggest keeping it astatine 1280×800), but besides the standard of text, apps, and different objects. If 100% is simply excessively small, see bumping it up to 125% oregon 150%.

Make definite Rotation Lock is enabled

While you’re successful the Display menu, marque definite the Rotation Lock enactment is enabled. This volition forestall the surface from flipping astir if the handheld tips sideways. There’s thing worse than getting a spot excessively excited successful the vigor of an online lucifer and watching arsenic your surface flips vertically.

Don’t hide to alteration your in-game settings

Just due to the fact that you’ve modified the modular settings connected your OneXplayer Mini doesn’t mean each games volition default to your preferred selections. Before playing immoderate game, instrumentality a fewer minutes to dive into its options paper and marque definite its solution is close (1280×800 oregon little for much demanding games) and alteration oregon disable immoderate different options. The OneXplayer Mini is powerful, but sometimes you’ll request to trim shadiness options oregon different precocious graphics settings to get reliable performance.

Check your Intel Drivers

A fewer variants of the OneXplayer Mini are present floating astir successful the wild, but some volition necessitate regular operator updates. If you’ve got an Intel GPU, caput implicit to its official website and cheque for immoderate disposable updates. If you’ve got an AMD GPU, caput implicit to its website and bash the same. Running connected an aged strategy is conscionable asking for issues, truthful beryllium definite to instrumentality a fewer minutes to guarantee you’re moving the latest firmware.

Find a bully size and abstraction for your virtual keyboard

The OneXplayer keyboard unfastened  connected  the desktop.

When you archetypal motorboat the virtual keyboard connected the OneXplayer, there’s a bully accidental it’s going to beryllium configured to a size that’s mode excessively tiny for applicable use. Thankfully, the size and positioning of the keyboard are some afloat adjustable. Simply resistance the edges to resize it and resistance the apical barroom to reposition it. The keyboard volition default to these settings each clip you property the Keyboard button, truthful instrumentality immoderate clip to find a layout that works for you. We’ve recovered that the keyboard is easiest to usage erstwhile it runs astir the full magnitude of the surface and is positioned towards the apical of the device.

That’s it!

These basal optimization tips should assistance you amended the show of your caller OneXplayer Mini. Of course, determination are countless different ways to heighten its abilities (some savvy users person adjacent cracked it unfastened to instal a caller SSD), but the supra tips are the easiest ways to maximize its imaginable without needing a toolkit — and without voiding your warranty.

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