Oppo Find X5 Pro review: Beautifully bespoke, both inside and out

Oppo Find X5 Pro review: Beautifully bespoke, both inside and out

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The Find X5 Pro embodies the champion mobile exertion that Oppo has to connection (outside of its China-only Find N foldable, astatine least). Sporting a futuristic aesthetic, an updated mentation of the company’s Color OS software, and a almighty caller camera setup, Oppo is gathering connected the halfway principles of the Find series’ DNA and looking to snag immoderate aerial clip from the different biggest names successful the business. But does the latest Oppo flagship bash capable otherwise to basal retired from past year’s iconic Find X3 Pro? Find retired successful Android Authority’s Oppo Find X5 Pro review.

About this Oppo Find X5 Pro review: I tested the Oppo Find X5 Pro implicit a play of 1 week. It was moving Color OS 12.1 A.13 connected the January 2022 information patch. Oppo notes that the A13 mentation is not the finalized commercialized bundle build. The portion was provided by Oppo for this review.

What you request to cognize astir the Oppo Find X5 Pro

Oppo Find X5 Pro backmost  white

Robert Triggs / Android Authority

  • Oppo Find X5 Pro (12GB/256GB): £1,049 / €1,299

The Oppo Find X5 Pro is precise overmuch a follow-up to 2021’s Find X3 Pro flagship, some successful presumption of aesthetics and hardware features. That’s right, Oppo skipped implicit the X4 moniker, arsenic it’s considered an unlucky fig successful China. The Find X5 Pro is simply a showcase for Oppo’s best-in-class features, including its 80W SuperVOOC accelerated wired and 50W wireless charging technology, high-end performance, and almighty Color OS 12 software. There’s besides a much affordable Oppo Find X5 exemplary successful the series, boasting a akin plan but with a fewer tiny compromises to the hardware package.

Oppo positions the Find X5 Pro arsenic a photography powerhouse. In summation to a triple camera setup, the telephone debuts Oppo’s in-house Marisilicon X representation awesome processor to bring much almighty AI photograph processing smarts to the handset. Like its sister marque OnePlus, Oppo has besides partnered with Hasselblad for representation colour processing. Oppo truly wants you to cognize that it cares astir photography — you can’t flight that information based connected the branding plastered implicit the phone.

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The Find X5 Pro comes successful your prime of Ceramic White (pictured) and Glaze Black colour options. There’s conscionable a azygous representation configuration, offering 12GB of RAM and 256GB of interior storage, with nary microSD slot to grow the disposable memory. Oppo includes an 80W SuperVOOC charger, a USB-A to USB-C cable, and a integrative protective lawsuit successful the box.

Oppo sells the Find X5 Pro successful the UK and crossed Europe. Pre-orders successful the UK unfastened connected March 10, 2022, with a last merchandise day acceptable for March 24. It won’t beryllium making its mode to the US successful an authoritative capacity, however, Oppo notes that the telephone present supports the n13, n18, and n25 5G bands that are fashionable with North American carriers. That means the Find X5 Pro volition play nicer with immoderate networks than its processor erstwhile roaming oregon if imported. The handset besides sports dual 5G SIM slots and eSIM capabilities.

Design: Back to the future

Oppo Find X5 Pro Curved Glass Unibody

Robert Triggs / Android Authority

  • Microcrystalline ceramic, Gorilla Glass Victus
  • 163.7 x 73.9 x 8.5mm
  • 218g
  • In-display fingerprint reader
  • IP68 rating
  • Stereo speakers
  • Ceramic White and Glaze Black

Last year’s unibody plan divided the assemblage and the much asymmetrical look of the Oppo Find X5 Pro is definite to bash the same. Built from a nanometer microcrystalline ceramic that Oppo boasts takes implicit 168 hours to construct, the series’ present iconic curved unibody has been somewhat reshaped this twelvemonth to accommodate a tweaked camera housing. I tin champion picture it arsenic a mashup betwixt sports car aerodynamics and a flimsy sci-fi vibe, but nevertheless you statement it, the Oppo Find X5 Pro looks large to my eye. I’m little sold connected the Hasselblad and Marisilicon branding though — it’s a spot overmuch and somewhat spoils the clean, futuristic aesthetic.

Fortunately, the ceramic worldly is obscurity adjacent the fingerprint magnet of Find X3 Pro’s solid design. However, you volition inactive announcement the unusual streak and smear. There’s a decent level of grip to it, dissimilar solid phones, and Oppo claims the ceramic coating is strengthened and scratch-resistant. It surely feels sturdy. You’ll find Corning Gorilla Glass Victus extortion connected the beforehand and the full bundle is wrapped up successful an IP68 standing for h2o and particulate resistance. The bottommost enactment — the Find X5 Pro is simply a precise nicely built smartphone.

The Oppo Find X5 Pro's futuristic plan is backed up by cutting-edge hardware.

Oppo flanks its ceramic and solid physique with an aluminum frame. A powerfulness fastener is located connected the close and 2 somewhat tiny measurement buttons connected the left. Along with a USB-C larboard connected the bottom, of course, which sits adjacent to a talker grille. The microphone larboard located close adjacent to the dual-SIM tray extractor feels similar a look for catastrophe though.

While we’re connected the taxable of speakers, they are boosted by Dolby’s Atmos technology, which is progressively communal astatine this price. The dependable is arsenic decent arsenic you’ll find from immoderate rival mobile setup and there’s a tenable equilibrium betwixt the apical and bottommost speakers that’s amended than most. As usual, the bottommost larboard produces astir of the bass and volume, but the equilibrium is bully capable that accidentally covering a larboard doesn’t wholly ruin the sound. Even so, bottom-facing ports aren’t large for gamers who volition extremity up holding their telephone landscape. The Find X5 Pro is besides outfitted with each the indispensable Bluetooth audio codecs, with enactment for LDAC, LHDC, and Qualcomm’s aptX suite.

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Oppo provides a acquainted suite of information options, including pattern, PIN, and look unlock. We wouldn’t urge the latter, arsenic it’s simply based connected the selfie camera alternatively than much unafraid facial depth-mapping capabilities. Fortunately, the in-display fingerprint scanner is ultra-snappy and responsive. Setup is simply a breeze and the Find X5 Pro unlocks via the digit successful a divided second. I’ve hardly had a azygous mismatch successful a week of use, which is precisely what you privation a top-notch fingerprint scanner.

If there’s 1 ailment I person astir the Oppo Find X5 Pro’s plan (aside from those pesky logos) is that determination aren’t capable options. As large arsenic the telephone looks, achromatic and achromatic colorways are a small dull compared to immoderate of its competitors. Yes, you’re astir apt going to propulsion a lawsuit connected it anyway, but a customized colour oregon textured decorativeness is simply a bully mode to personalize an costly acquisition similar this. Can you archer I inactive miss the Find X2 Pro’s leather?

Display: The champion successful the business

Oppo Find X5 Pro ColorOS 12 speedy  settings

Robert Triggs / Android Authority

  • 6.7-inch AMOLED LTPO
  • 3,216 x 1,440
  • 525 PPI
  • 20.1:9 facet ratio, 120Hz refresh rate

Oppo nailed a top-tier show acquisition with the Find X3 Pro and has carried that aforesaid excellence implicit to the Find X5 Pro. Headline specifications see a 6.7-inch WQHD+ solution panel, backed by 120Hz LTPO AMOLED technology, a 1,000Hz highest interaction sampling rate, and an eye-watering 1,300 nit highest brightness. However, the telephone surely doesn’t get that agleam for wide viewing, instead, that’s reserved for highlights during HDR contented playback. After you flick the setting’s toggle on, that is (make definite you bash that!).

The phone’s bundle is besides acceptable to FHD+ solution retired of the box. This determination saves artillery beingness astatine a tiny outgo to representation sharpness, though you’ll conflict to announcement connected a show of this size. Even so, the show looks instantly fantastic and determination are plentifulness of options to tweak should you privation to experimentation with P3 and wider colour gamuts oregon set the achromatic balance. But I don’t deliberation there’s immoderate request to here.

The Find X5 Pro flawlessly flips betwixt dynamic refresh rates to prevention connected battery.

One of the Find X5 Pro’s much absorbing show features is the LTPO panel’s variable refresh rate. Oppo states the show automatically adjusts betwixt 1Hz and 120Hz for optimal smoothness and powerfulness consumption. I haven’t seen the show autumn beneath 10Hz, but that’s inactive a steadfast powerfulness redeeming implicit perpetually moving astatine 120Hz.

I’ve precocious experienced immoderate lousy adaptable refresh complaint implementations which stutter arsenic the framework complaint changes portion moving betwixt apps. Foruntlatey that isn’t the lawsuit with the Oppo Find X5 Pro, contempt however assertive the telephone is astatine lowering its refresh rate. Swapping down to 10Hz is instantaneous and happens virtually arsenic soon arsenic you’ve stopped scrolling, dissimilar different devices that power based connected the app oregon much extended periods of inactivity. If I weren’t utilizing a framework counter, I wouldn’t archer that the telephone was switching framework rates. Importantly, you’ll ever spot 120Hz creaseless question nary substance what app you’re using, which makes the astir of the fantabulous panel’s capabilities. The refresh complaint lone dips erstwhile the leafage goes static oregon erstwhile you’re watching little framework complaint content.

All successful all, this show is each spot a lucifer for the industry-leading Samsung’s Galaxy S22 Ultra successful presumption of earthy specifications, including pixel density, refresh rate, and astir the aforesaid highest brightness. The sheet looks great, and I’d accidental the adaptable refresh complaint implementation is the champion successful the business.

Performance: Not rather each there

  • Qualcomm Snapdragon 8 Gen 1
  • Adreno
  • 12GB RAM
  • 256GB storage

Packing a cutting-edge Qualcomm Snapdragon 8 Gen 1 processor, it’s possibly nary astonishment that we don’t person immoderate complaints astir the Find X5 Pro’s performance. Combined with 12GB of RAM, multitasking and gaming are arsenic creaseless arsenic food connected the Find X5 Pro. Gamers are apt to spot a large upgrade compared to past year’s model, arsenic graphics show has closed close successful connected the marketplace leader, Apple, this generation.

Just similar the Find X3 Pro, however, Oppo doesn’t maximize its latest chip’s imaginable retired of the box, opting alternatively for somewhat little show to assistance prolong artillery life. Not that this interferes with the day-to-day show of your apps; they’re plentifulness creaseless and multitasking is simply a breeze connected a telephone with 12GB RAM. If you privation maximum show for gaming and the like, you’ll person to manually toggle Oppo’s show mode on. This results successful benchmark scores overmuch much successful enactment with what we’d expect from the Snapdragon 8 Gen 1. However, adjacent present we’re seeing a somewhat little multi-core CPU people than expected.

To enactment these results into perspective, the out-of-the-box app show isn’t immoderate faster than the last-gen model. But that’s not a occupation arsenic such, year-old phones execute conscionable good aft all, but it’s a small underwhelming erstwhile compared to different first-wave Snapdragon 8 Gen 1 phones similar the Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra. Still, the show mode is determination for those who request earthy powerfulness with nary respect for powerfulness consumption.

The Find X5 Pro holds immoderate velocity successful reserve until you flip the show mode switch.

All is not mislaid for show junkies though. Gaming is wherever the large gains are and adjacent without show mode connected the Oppo Find X5 Pro flies successful this regard. I clocked coagulated framework rates crossed Call of Duty Mobile and the highly demanding Genshin Impact. Oppo notes a 30% graphics leap implicit the erstwhile procreation but 3DMark’s Wild Life benchmark suggests the gains could beryllium adjacent higher successful definite situations. The company’s Game Optimizer instrumentality besides gives you power implicit show levels portion playing, arsenic good arsenic notifications, speedy floating model entree to communal apps, and different utile tools. Oppo besides touts a 1,000Hz “instantaneous” interaction illustration rate, and though everything feels highly responsive, I didn’t announcement thing game-changing.

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Oppo’s Find X5 Pro is besides up to day successful the 5G department, astatine slightest wherever it counts. There are nary mmWave capabilities here, truthful you won’t deed the insanely accelerated speeds touted by immoderate networks. However, this is little of an contented for Oppo’s sub-6GHz-focused people markets which prevarication extracurricular of the US. The Find X5 Pro has a mates of 5G tricks up its sleeve too, including dual-SIM and eSIM support, further 5G bands for amended roaming, and Oppo’s 360 degrees Smart Antenna System. The second ensures a robust transportation by picking the champion 2 retired of its 4 antennas.

Those looking for the champion networking capabilities won’t find Wi-Fi 6E enactment onboard here, conscionable plain Wi-Fi 6 instead. It’s not a deal-breaker and mightiness beryllium a conscious determination owing to a deficiency of 6GHz licensing successful immoderate of Oppo’s superior markets. There’s nary UWB enactment either, which you volition find connected the latest Galaxy and Pixel handsets. Again, this isn’t the worst omission, but it does mean that the Find X5 Pro isn’t ultra future-proof successful the wireless section compared to the competition.

Battery: All time successful a flash

Oppo SuperVooc 80W

Robert Triggs / Android Authority

  • 5,000mAh
  • 80W SuperVOOC wired charging
  • 50W AirVOOC wireless charging
  • 10W reverse wireless charging

All of Oppo’s show and show optimizations wage dividends erstwhile it comes to artillery life. The Find X5 Pro volition easy past powerfulness users done a afloat time of screen-on-time acknowledgment to its 5,000mAh dual-cell battery. Those with lighter oregon mostly social-oriented workloads volition apt marque it good into a 2nd time earlier feeling the request to scope for a charger.

You’re looking astatine six to 8 hours of reasonably dense usage here, which is marginally amended than past year’s exemplary and among the amended flagship performers we’ve seen, astatine slightest successful the Android space. I besides extrapolated implicit 10 hours of video streaming playback, which is large for a long-haul trip. However, bash beryllium alert that exclusive dense usage of video signaling and high-end gaming volition drain the artillery a just spot faster. Even so, the astir demanding users volition beryllium satisfied with the artillery beingness connected connection from the Find X5 Pro. If you necessitate adjacent longer screen-on time, there’s ever the enactment to power the show to 60Hz, alteration powerfulness redeeming mode, and crook disconnected assorted different features.

Charging-wise, Oppo’s proprietary SuperVOOC charger has been tuned up to 80W of powerfulness this clip around, taking you from bare to 100% successful astir 32 minutes connected average. However, it took an mean of 39 minutes to decorativeness topping up the artillery successful our testing. The telephone hits 25% successful 5 minutes and 50% artillery successful conscionable 11-12 minutes. Despite the higher powerfulness rating, that’s not truly immoderate faster than the 31 minutes it took to afloat up the last-gen Oppo Find X3 Pro. Of course, the caller exemplary has a larger artillery to complaint but it’s besides worthy noting that the 80W charger lone deed 66W highest successful our investigating and is sustained for little than a minute.

The Find X5 Pro volition easy past powerfulness users done a afloat time and lighter usage volition propulsion to two.

But much important than earthy speeds, the Find X5 Pro debuts Oppo’s Battery Health Engine technology. Designed to guarantee that accelerated charging doesn’t degrade semipermanent artillery capableness excessively quickly, Oppo present rates the artillery bully for 1,600 afloat rhythm charges. That’s treble the 800 rhythm lifespan of its erstwhile products. We won’t cognize if it’s done its occupation until galore months down the line, but it’s astatine slightest a affirmative motion that Oppo is investing successful artillery wellness tech to counterbalance its ever-rising charging speeds.

Oppo has fixed a important bugbear from our reappraisal past year, too. The Oppo Find X5 Pro charges correctly with USB Power Delivery plugs, albeit astatine a slower 18W. This is vastly improved from the sub-10W charging we saw past twelvemonth and ensures that the handset volition complaint quickly-ish with artillery packs and third-party charging accessories.

The Find X50 Pro besides supports 50W wireless charging utilizing a compatible AirVOOC dock. We haven’t tested this option, but Oppo states that it tops up the Find X5 Pro to afloat successful 47 minutes. When utilizing a much cosmopolitan Qi wireless charger, the handset received up to 15W of power. The telephone tin besides reverse wireless complaint astatine 10W — treble the accustomed 5W powerfulness you’ll find connected astir phones — to rapidly powerfulness up your wireless earbuds and different tiny accessories.

Camera: Beyond the branding

Oppo Find X5 Pro Camera lenses adjacent  up

Robert Triggs / Android Authority

  • 50MP, 5-axis OIS (f/1.7, 1.0μm, 1/1.56-inch, 25mm, 80-degree FoV)
  • 50MP ultrawide (f/2.2, 1.0μm, 1/1.56-inch, 15mm, 110-degree FoV)
  • 13MP telephoto (f/2.4, 1.0μm, 1/3.4-inch, 52mm, 2x optical zoom)
  • 32MP beforehand camera, (f/2.4, 0.8μm, 1/2.74-inch, 21mm, 90-degree FoV, RGBW)
  • 4K video up to 60fps

While we’re inactive waiting to spot what the Oppo/OnePlus merger means for their broader ecosystem, it’s already opened the doorway for Oppo to stock successful the Hasselblad camera partnership. Oppo has signed a three-year concern with the legendary camera brand, which sees Haddelblad tweaking the Find X5 Pro’s camera colour processing for added creator flair. That’s not the lone cardinal camera alteration this year, Oppo is besides debuting its in-house Marisilicon X representation awesome processor.

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In a nutshell, Marisilicon X is built to tally Oppo’s AI imaging algorithms close connected the RAW information coming from the camera, improving sound reduction, debased airy for photos and 4K videos, and RGBW sensor processing, which comes into play for the Find X5 Pro’s selfie camera. The Find X5 Pro besides sensibly drops the gimmicky 60x ace macro “microlens” recovered connected its predecessor. Combined with duplicate 50MP Sony IMX766 sensors and an improved 13 transmission spectral colour sensor, Oppo is talking up a large camera crippled this year.

Before taking a gander astatine the shots below, Oppo notes that the bundle our Find X5 Pro was moving is not rather the commercialized build. Specifically, a further update volition refine the camera experience, peculiarly wherever stabilization is concerned. You tin cheque retired the full-res representation samples successful this Google Drive folder.

The Oppo Find X5 Pro is simply a coagulated shooter astatine a casual glance. Exposure and achromatic equilibrium are peculiarly pleasant successful outdoor lighting. Details are besides decent, if not a small heavy processed successful places. The usage of ample representation sensors crossed the wide and ultrawide lenses provides accordant vulnerability and sound crossed these 2 cameras, whether you’re shooting a modular oregon macro shot. The 2x zoom camera, utilized for the archetypal drawback above, besides performs admirably successful daylight, though its details surely aren’t arsenic cleanable arsenic the larger sensors.

However, arsenic bully arsenic galore of the Oppo Find X5 Pro’s daylight images look, the camera has a large contented with colour oversaturation and oversharpening. That Hasselblad concern surely isn’t aiming for accuracy.

The Find X5 Pro camera surely doesn't purpose for colour realism.

The hay bale shows this assertive level of oversaturation rather clearly, crossed the browns, blues, and greens of the scene. While immoderate mightiness similar the added pop, I’d alternatively dial it successful station than beryllium stuck with it. The 2nd and 3rd samples supra amusement a troubling side-effect of dialing up the colors — clipping. The brickwork and angiosperm petals extremity up offering level smears of colour arsenic each the item has been clipped retired of the file. The past illustration supra showcases an oversharpening contented that you’ll find crossed a fewer samples with much analyzable textures. The sheer spot of the halos indicates a precise precocious level of sharpening post-processing. It’s not a large look.

Oppo’s colour processing and dense opposition person a knock-on effect for the camera’s HDR capabilities. While inactive precise powerful, the examination with the Pixel 6 Pro supra highlights the deficiency of subtle colors and shades from Oppo’s phone. You’ll spot overmuch much item and mid-greys successful the foreground tree, clouds, and backmost of the barn successful the Pixel’s representation portion the Find X5 Pro loses this subtle item owed to its stretched contrast.

When it comes to nighttime photography, the Find X5 Pro’s camera setup sees a large betterment implicit the Find X3 Pro, seemingly acknowledgment to the Marisilcion X processor. Exposure-wise, the multi-frame seizure and low-noise processing capabilities of Oppo’s customized silicon enactment wonders, making retired colors and good details whether you’re successful constricted indoor lighting oregon shooting astatine dusk. Quality debased airy snaps are achievable whether you’re utilizing the main, ultrawide, and adjacent the zoom camera, the second being a peculiar rarity. You don’t person to usage the phone’s nighttime mode, though the telephone automatically switches to a longer vulnerability clip successful darker conditions.

This was the lawsuit successful the precise debased lux 2nd changeable below, wherever you’ll spot plentifulness of item connected the achromatic camera which is inactive good balanced against the achromatic of the phone. Similarly, the stary entity country was captured successful conscionable 3 seconds compared to astir 10 connected the Pixel 6 Pro. The Find X5 Pro tin so sprout virtually successful the dark.

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However, you tin astir apt spot that the achromatic equilibrium isn’t rather close successful the archetypal snap. The handset besides struggles to absorption successful precise debased light, which isn’t unusual. The telephone would payment from a laser AF strategy to guarantee you tin marque the astir of the phone’s low-light capabilities. Likewise, the agelong vulnerability clip for nighttime shots tin effect successful immoderate blurring if you don’t person the steadiest hands. Although the phone’s five-axis stabilization exertion helps somewhat.

Marisilicon X equips the Find X5 Pro for almighty debased airy photography.

If you’re funny successful a comparison, I snapped the aforesaid precise debased lux country connected the Google Pixel 6 Pro and Huawei P50 Pro. Without nighttime mode, the Pixel 6 shows however acheronian the country was. The Find X5 Pro’s colour equilibrium isn’t rather arsenic bully arsenic the Pixel’s Night Sight mode, but it’s different a precise bully match. Huawei is inactive the 1 to drawback here, though. The telephone produces an equivalent effect with a virtually instantaneous capture. So the Find X5 Pro sits determination betwixt the 2 — it’s a coagulated low-light shooter.

Moving on, let’s look astatine the camera zoom. With a 2x optical zoom lens and tiny sensor, we’re surely not expecting superior long-range results and so that’s the case. The zoom performs good successful daylight astatine 3x and tin widen to 5x without excessively galore blemishes. But don’t accidental your limb with a 10x drawback oregon beyond; the Find X5 Pro can’t spell toed to toed with the likes of the Galaxy S22 Ultra for distance. The telephoto lens’ wide aperture does assistance guarantee a agleam vulnerability adjacent erstwhile zooming successful astatine longer ranges, which helps the snapper punch supra its weight. However, adjacent inspection of the finer details reveals a alternatively dense sharpening walk conscionable similar the main camera, truthful the results aren’t the cleanest.

There’s reasonably accordant colour grading erstwhile switching betwixt the 3 lenses and we’re inactive looking astatine heavy saturated colors each around. However, successful the shots supra you astir apt spotted that the entity is much purple successful the ultrawide drawback portion the greenish saturation is dialed up adjacent further erstwhile switching to the 2x telephoto. Once again, the Find X5 Pro’s colour processing doesn’t rather get it right.

Speaking of the ultrawide lens, it offers a important 0.6x measurement backmost from the main lens, with the focal magnitude switching to 15mm from 25mm respectively. Close inspection of the ultrawide changeable supra reveals a tiny magnitude of chromatic aberration but it’s surely not a large issue. Oppo’s improved lenses and correction algorithm look to beryllium precise good, ensuring minimal signs of warping astatine the edges of your shots. Details are besides reasonably good presented but you volition spot those telltale sharpening halos astir hard edges, specified arsenic the histrion branches.

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The Oppo Find X5 Pro’s container of photography tricks extends to the beforehand camera. Powered by a 32MP RGBW sensor, it’s 1 of the much unsocial solutions connected the market. The inclusion of a achromatic pixel into the bayer filter is designed to amended airy capture, which surely works successful practice. The debased airy illustration beneath is good exposed without excessively overmuch noise, acknowledgment to the operation of the RGBW sensor and dual RGB+W processing pipeline successful Oppo’s Marisilicon X. RGBW sacrifices immoderate colour item though and, combined with a small-ish sensor, our debased airy drawback is simply a small washed retired and excessively soft. But it inactive performs amended than most.

Outdoor and indoor selfies look great, if again not a small excessively colorful, peculiarly erstwhile it comes to tegument tones. Oppo offers a bewildering scope of face, skin, and inheritance tweaks with its selfie suite, but these are thankfully toned down by default. The selfie and rear camera besides enactment with Oppo’s representation mode with precise pleasing results. The Find X5 Pro’s bokeh blur looks subtly brushed but tin beryllium dialed successful further if you like. The phone’s borderline detection algorithm is besides up determination with the champion successful the business. It doesn’t conflict excessively overmuch with good hairs, but tin inactive beryllium tripped up with inheritance objects placed close down you. Overall though, the selfie and representation camera acquisition is decidedly top-notch.

With regards to video, the Find X5 Pro’s fantabulous debased airy capabilities afloat transportation over. You’ll person nary occupation capturing decent exposure, colors, and item adjacent astatine 4K successful debased light. The results aren’t rather arsenic cleanable arsenic the stills but are inactive precise good. Strangely, the camera defaults to the ultrawide lens for video seizure and you annoyingly can’t swap betwixt lenses portion shooting. Although you tin sprout dual-view beforehand and backmost video utilizing the main and telephoto cameras. There’s besides nary 8K video mode, but adjacent if it were disposable we’d inactive urge you sprout successful 4K until the exertion really catches up.

Oppo's selfie and representation camera acquisition is decidedly top-notch.

Oppo besides bundles its ultra-steady pro stabilization exertion to adjacent retired the astir convulsive surface shakes. Although it works well, it does nutrient a fewer stretching artifacts, and there’s truly small usage for it erstwhile shooting with the main lens, fixed it already offers five-axis hardware stabilization. Sadly, you can’t usage ultra-steady pro with the zoom camera, which is wherever it would beryllium astir beneficial. The camera besides supports 1080p bundle video bokeh blur from the main and telephoto lenses. Object detection and tracking enactment good but you’ll easy spot from borderline artifacts connected moving subjects, truthful this mode is lone truthful helpful. Still, there’s plentifulness to dive into present if you similar video and, overall, the seizure acquisition is good supra average.

Photography presumption explained: ISO, aperture, shutter speed, and more

See the screenshots beneath if you’re funny successful a circuit of the familiar-looking Camera app UI. It hasn’t changed overmuch since the Find X3 Pro, and determination are inactive plentifulness of precocious photograph and cinematography modes for those that privation to spell a small deeper than modular point-and-shoot mobile photography.

Software: The champion Color OS yet

Oppo Find X5 Pro ColorOS 12 apps

Robert Triggs / Android Authority

  • Android 12
  • Color OS 12.1
  • Three years OS updates, 4 years information patches

Color OS has travel on leaps and bounds successful caller years and Oppo is truthful adjacent to nailing it with Color OS 12, which is based connected Android 12. It’s pretty, for a start, arsenic good arsenic accelerated and fluid. Theming is accordant crossed the UI, assorted menus, and Oppo’s apps, which shows large attraction to detail. A connection of informing though — Color OS 12 is simply a dangerously heavy skin. It’s not bloated arsenic such, settings support good retired of the mode if you don’t privation them, but there’s a Mariana Trench’s worthy of options, toggles, and tweaks to research if you’re truthful inclined. Even aft a week with the Find X5 Pro, I don’t deliberation I’ve travel adjacent to exploring each the possibilities, fto unsocial moving retired rather what my perfect setup is.

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First up is theming. Color OS 12 implements Android 12’s dynamic theming, automatically pulling colors from your wallpaper and applying them crossed strategy toggles, notifications, and the like. You tin besides prime your ain if you prefer. Oppo goes overmuch further though, offering afloat power implicit icons, speedy mounting icon styles, fonts, fingerprint sensor animations, borderline lighting colors, a immense scope of always-on show settings, arsenic good arsenic a almighty taxable import engine. If you emotion to marque your telephone your own, Color OS 12 has the tools to bash it.

Oppo’s Find X5 Pro is affluent with options to amended your multitasking capabilities too. The operation of the Smart Sidebar and Flexible Windows adds a bully dynamic to popping successful and retired of your astir regular apps with ease. Flexible Windows tin popular up successful summation to Android’s modular split-screen diagnostic but it feels similar overkill adjacent for the much ambitious multitaskers. Likewise, Oppo’s Quick Launch features lets you rapidly swipe into apps erstwhile unlocking your telephone from the fingerprint scanner. That said, I’m not definite the long-press required to progressive Quick Launch rather lives up to the feature’s name.

The Find X5 Pro lets you customize your fastener surface shortcuts, alteration the swipe and sound features, rise to wake, assorted haptic doodads, and a full big of different toggles. Honestly, it’s casual to overdo it and person 2 oregon 3 extras turned connected that you astir apt don’t request oregon adjacent extremity up wanting. Still, it’s large to person these powerfulness idiosyncratic options available.

Color OS 12 looks and runs large retired the container and you tin tweak virtually everything, but tin we chill it connected the pre-installed bloat and app stores, please?

Sadly, Color OS 12 isn’t flawless. In fact, I person a mates of large gripes with it. Let’s commencement with this: halt recommending maine apps from your proprietary App Market. Pre-installed bloat is already atrocious capable and remains truthful with the Find X5 Pro. The past happening I privation is my location surface cluttered with “Hot Apps” and “Hot Games” app folders I person nary involvement in, from an app store I (and nary uncertainty galore others) don’t privation to marque an relationship for. You mightiness expect and tolerate this from a fund phone, but not 1 successful this terms tier.

Thankfully, you tin toggle the folders off, but there’s inactive an unholy magnitude of pre-installed apps to region too. For example, there’s the Hey Fun crippled store, Game Center which besides offers crippled downloads, and an Oppo Store app pre-installed. Oddly, the second lone serves Indonesia and Malaysia truthful is conscionable taking up retention abstraction for different regions. The Lazada and Shopee apps are likewise SEA region-oriented. Why can’t Oppo conscionable not adhd them to my telephone if I prime an unsupported state connected setup? I cognize that brands privation to fastener other gross but bundling store aft store is redundant and frankly annoying connected a telephone that already has Google’s Play Store.

While you tin uninstall immoderate of the pre-installed apps, a fig of them, including the App Market and Game Center, tin lone beryllium disabled. We’ve asked Oppo if we tin expect these services pre-installed connected each motorboat devices oregon whether they volition beryllium region-specific, and volition update the nonfiction erstwhile we corroborate the situation.

It’s a funny authorities of affairs. On the 1 hand, the Find X5 Pro pushes its ain stores and features similar Omoji (really?) and O-Relax (relaxing sounds are nice, I guess). On the other, it embraces Google Photos for the default gallery, Google Discover Feed, and Google’s powerfulness disconnected paper implicit with Google Pay beforehand and center. Color OS 12 is astatine its champion erstwhile it finds a blessed mediate ground, expanding connected Android’s features without reinventing the instrumentality unnecessarily. While determination are lingering issues and excessively overmuch pre-installed bloat, Oppo hits the people much often than it misses with the Find X5 Pro — Color OS 12 is (mostly) truly good.

Oppo promises 3 years of OS updates and 4 years of monthly information patches for the Find X5 Pro. That’s not the champion successful the business, that rubric belongs to Samsung, but is beauteous overmuch mean for flagship-tier smartphones coming retired of China. The telephone volition inactive beryllium unafraid until astatine slightest 2026, which isn’t excessively bad.

Oppo Find X5 Pro specs

Oppo Find X5 Pro


5,000mAh battery
80W wired charging
50W wireless charging


5G (sub-6GHz)
Wi-Fi 6 (ax), Dual Band
Bluetooth 5.2
NFC support


6.7-inch AMOLED LTPO
Curved display
20.1:9 facet ratio
WQHD+ solution (3,216 x 1,440)
120Hz adaptive refresh complaint (1Hz to 120Hz)



Dimensions and weight

163.7 x 73.9 x 8.5mm


No microSD paper support


Android 12
ColorOS 12.1


Ceramic back
Corning Gorilla Glass Victus front


Ceramic White
Glaze Black


IP68 certified


- 4K astatine 60fps

- 1080p astatine 30fps


- 50MP wide (1.0μm, ƒ1.7, 25mm, 80-degree FoV)
- 50MP ultrawide (1.0μm, ƒ2.2, 15mm, 110-degree FoV)
- 13MP telephoto (1.0μm, ƒ2.4, 52mm, 2x optical zoom)

- 32MP wide (ƒ2.4, 21mm, 90-degree FoV)


Snapdragon 8 Gen 1


Stereo speakers
Dolby Atmos support


Under-display fingerprint sensor

Value and competition

Oppo Find X5 Pro Black Press Image

Oppo Find X5 Pro

A unsocial looking telephone with unsocial hardware to match.

The Find X5 Pro is simply a technological showcase for Oppo's customized charging and imaging hardware, encased successful a unsocial chassis plan that ensures the handset stands retired from the crowd.

There’s a batch to emotion with Oppo’s Find X5 Pro. Between the fantabulous display, super-fast charging, all-day battery, and fantastic design, Oppo has acold surpassed the fundamentals and is precise overmuch astatine the apical of the technological pack. Color OS 12 is besides a mostly polished portion of kit that’s each spot arsenic bully to usage arsenic Oppo’s hardware, you’ll conscionable request to eradicate immoderate bloatware earlier you tin truly bask it.

Priced astatine £1,049 successful the UK (£50 little than its predecessor), the telephone nestles nicely betwixt Samsung’s latest Plus and Ultra models and that feels spot-on for what you’re buying. The Find X5 Pro is possibly not rather arsenic well-rounded, but the handset scores a fewer plan wins that surely warrant the terms tag. The lone country that’s genuinely hit-and-miss, and it’s a large one, is the camera. Aside from the astonishing selfie camera, the Find X5 Pro is an OK shooter but it’s not rather arsenic flexible oregon robust arsenic different handsets astir this terms bracket.

Case successful point, the Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra ($1,199) costs conscionable £100 much but packs 10x optical zoom capabilities that the Find X5 Pro can’t match. Its predecessor, the Galaxy S21 Ultra, was our astir highly rated camera telephone of 2021, and we’re already seeing bully things from the updated model. Samsung’s Galaxy S22 Ultra besides has the champion bundle enactment warrant of immoderate Android phone, with 4 years of OS and 5 years of information updates. Also, the Galaxy S22 Plus ($999) has an upgraded camera this twelvemonth and costs £50 little than Oppo’s flagship. Granted, the Find X5 Pro charges faster and surely looks much unique, truthful it boils down to your priorities.

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The Sony Xperia 1 III ($1,299) is simply a small much costly but commands a flexible camera setup, fantastic physique quality, arsenic good arsenic gaming and multimedia-oriented features. Charging aside, it’s a bully lucifer for the Find X5 Pro’s design, imaging, and gaming focuses, adjacent though its processor is present a procreation behind.

On the different broadside of £1,000 sits the Google Pixel 6 Pro ($899). Google’s flagship surely doesn’t person an reply to Oppo’s fancy charging technology, but it’s inactive a great-looking telephone with a coagulated camera and it retails for importantly less. Plus, Google offers a somewhat longer 5 years worthy of information updates too. I’d besides suggest checking retired the iPhone 13 series, and specifically the top-tier iPhone 13 Pro Max ($1,099). It’s a beast of a telephone backed by Apple’s enviable ecosystem, though its unadventurous plan can’t clasp a candle to the Find X5 Pro’s bold looks.

For those crossed the remainder of Europe, the €150 terms summation implicit the Find X3 Pro is overmuch harder to stomach. That’s much costly than some the Galaxy S22 Ultra and iPhone 13 Pro Max, and good supra the Pixel 6 Pro and Galaxy S22 Plus. If you’re not successful the UK, we suggest you hold for a terms drop.

Oppo Find X5 Pro review: The verdict

Oppo Find X5 Pro Curved Glass Camera

Robert Triggs / Android Authority

The Oppo Find X5 Pro is undoubtedly the company’s astir broad smartphone to date. However, it’s a lawsuit of cumulative tiny improvements alternatively than thing revolutionary compared to 2021’s Find X3 Pro. Performance is inactive successful the aforesaid ballpark unless you’re a superior gamer, the futuristic plan is ironically precise similar, charging enactment is improved but not truly immoderate faster, and Color OS 12 is simply a small further refined but inactive bloated successful places. Even so, this surely doesn’t detract from the information that the Oppo Find X5 Pro is an fantabulous phone.

Oppo has intelligibly focused its astir meaningful changes successful the camera department, peculiarly with its customized Marisilicon X spot and Hasselblad partnership. Oppo is taking photography much seriously, removing gimmicks similar the microlens, but the results are inactive deed and miss. The telephone lives up to its selling with the debased airy photography and videography capabilities, but these gains are thrown distant by the frankly ridiculous colour saturation applied to its pictures. That said, immoderate whitethorn similar the look and the handset offers fantabulous selfie and representation capabilities too, which tons of users volition love. The camera takes nice-looking snaps for societal media, however, the setup is improbable to triumph implicit the astir superior photography enthusiasts, particularly erstwhile you origin successful the constricted optical zoom compared to its periscope-toting alternatives.

Oppo's Find X5 Pro successfully combines cutting borderline customized hardware with a beauteous bespoke design.

Even so, it’s not excessively hard to reconcile the phone’s people marketplace with its comparatively steep terms tag — successful the UK, astatine least. At £1,049, we’re talking conscionable beneath Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra and Apple iPhone 13 Pro Max money, which is conscionable close fixed that the Find X5 Pro doesn’t rather connection the aforesaid ultra-premium photography suite and wide bundle ecosystem. Not to notation that these 2 are the champion successful the concern erstwhile it comes to semipermanent enactment for their flagship products. Things are much questionable successful Europe, wherever the €1,299 terms tag overshoots its big-name rivals.

Nevertheless, I tin urge the Find X5 Pro to anyone who digs a unsocial plan and loves to customize the look and consciousness of their mobile experience. There’s property present that you don’t get elsewhere. Spend a fewer minutes kicking the bloatware disconnected the telephone and Color OS 12 is simply a truly beauteous portion of bundle to usage successful isolation. Combined with ultra-fast charging, artillery longevity, and a smattering of different improvements, there’s a wonderfully imperfect telephone present for those who tin get connected committee with Oppo’s futuristic vision.