Optus to charge phone customers for Sport and bump price to AU$25 a month

Optus to charge phone customers for Sport and bump price to AU$25 a month

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On Sunday morning, Optus announced it was expanding the monthly complaint for users from AU$15 to AU$25 from August, arsenic good arsenic dropping its escaped inclusion successful mobile plans.

In a bid to sweeten the woody for its customers that antecedently did not pay, Optus is offering those customers a AU$7 per period deal.

"This compares favourably with different contented streaming services that person emerged successful the Australian scenery and is the archetypal alteration to Optus Sport's pricing since we archetypal launched successful 2016," the institution said successful a blog post.

At the aforesaid time, the institution said each English Premier League (EPL) matches would beryllium capable to beryllium streamed successful 1080p. The telco precocious retained the EPL broadcast rights for different six years.

Optus said it would beryllium reaching retired to its straight affected customers earlier the changes successful August, portion those who wage for Optus Sport done an app store volition person a notification from the platform.

On Friday, the telco reported its afloat twelvemonth results, with gross down 5.8% to AU$7.8 cardinal acknowledgment to little instrumentality sales, NBN payments, and ending of leases, with EBITDA up 3.5% to AU$2.1 cardinal acknowledgment to a 8.4% diminution successful operating expenses, and EBIT up 32% to AU$249 million.

Across the twelvemonth Optus added 273,000 mobile customers to surpass the 10 cardinal work people portion monthly mean gross per idiosyncratic jumped 6% to AU$31, and the telco recorded a 12% and 13% boost to NBN and on-net fixed wireless revenue, respectively. In presumption of lawsuit numbers, Optus present has 1.1 cardinal NBN services, up 4%, on-net fixed wireless dropped 3.3% to 205,000, and its cablegram and ADSL lawsuit fig has dropped to 6,000.

As of March 31, the institution had implicit a cardinal Optus Sports customers.

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