Overwatch 2 closed beta is coming to PC next month

Overwatch 2 closed beta is coming to PC next month

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Overwatch 2 is getting a closed beta for its PvP mode adjacent month. A developer update video released contiguous provided a wealthiness of caller details connected the upcoming crippled and its upcoming beta.

Players and assemblage members tin motion up for the closed beta now, which volition instrumentality spot successful precocious April. The closed beta volition see a caller harm leader named Soujourn, the caller Push crippled mode, 5v5 multiplayer, respective leader reworks, and 4 caller maps.

In the developer update, crippled manager Aaron Keller explained that the dev squad is “decoupling” Overwatch 2‘s subordinate vs. subordinate mode from its subordinate vs. force mode successful bid to springiness the assemblage entree to multiplayer PvP modes faster. He apologized for the deficiency of meaningful contented released in Overwatch during the improvement of its sequel and for the soundlessness that followed the announcement of Overwatch 2

According to Keller, the squad is looking to physique connected what made Overwatch great by expanding its connection systems, fine-tuning its combat and leader balance, and introducing wholly caller modes of play successful Overwatch 2.

Prior to the closed beta, a closed alpha volition beryllium taking spot starting today. Blizzard employees, Overwatch League pro players, and a fistful of others volition beryllium the archetypal to test Overwatch 2‘s caller systems, features, and reworks earlier a wider radical of players receives entree to them successful the beta. Keller promised regular updates starring up to the game’s merchandise and reiterated the team’s committedness to delivering some prime PvP and PvE experiences to players for a agelong clip coming.

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