Overwatch 2 Season 2 new hero is “someone players have seen before”

Overwatch 2 Season 2 new hero is “someone players have seen before”

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Launch time wobbles present mostly down it, Overwatch 2 is present officially launched. With the sequel to Blizzard’s deed multiplayer game embracing the seasonal conflict walk model, fans are people anxious to larn what’s successful store for Overwatch 2. Game manager Aaron Keller says that Season 2 volition adhd a caller leader to the roster, and revealed that this quality is idiosyncratic players whitethorn already know.

“In Season 2 we volition beryllium debuting a caller hero,” Keller said during the Overwatch League livestream October 7. “It’s a vessel hero, and it’s idiosyncratic that players person seen before.”

The clip begins astatine astir the 1:46:20 people successful this video:

That hero, whoever they are, volition person ties to the caller representation that volition beryllium rolling retired successful Season 2 arsenic well, Keller said. “He’s connected to this map,” Keller told the hosts, possibly inadvertently revealing that the adjacent leader is besides male.

The information that this is simply a quality who has already been introduced to the Overwatch beingness makes this an absorbing hint indeed. We’d already heard that the adjacent subordinate of the roster would beryllium an Overwatch 2 vessel hero, but not that he’s idiosyncratic we’ve seen earlier – oregon that he’ll beryllium ‘connected’ to the caller map.

Once the particulate settles from Overwatch 2’s launch, industrious fans volition nary uncertainty get to enactment deciphering Keller’s hints. In the meantime, cheque retired our usher to the best Overwatch 2 heroes for each role you whitethorn find yourself playing.

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