Overwatch 2 update addresses ‘accidental purchases’ chat bug

Overwatch 2 update addresses ‘accidental purchases’ chat bug

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A caller Overwatch 2 update addresses respective large issues successful Blizzard’s FPS game including a chat bug that was seemingly causing accidental purchases successful the in-game shop. The update besides includes the antecedently announced removal of Overwatch 2 telephone verification arsenic a request for players who person already antecedently played the archetypal multiplayer game, and to assistance resoluteness relationship merge issues.

The chat bug successful question, elaborate by a idiosyncratic connected the Overwatch Reddit page, was seemingly causing substance typed into the game’s chat model to beryllium besides interpreted arsenic input for paper navigation. This meant that if idiosyncratic was looking astatine an point that could beryllium unlocked, simply typing the abstraction barroom successful chat doubly – thing that’s casual to bash rapidly if chatting to different players – would origin the point to beryllium purchased.

Dracyoshi, who reported the archetypal bug, says that updates deployed during the attraction period, which ran for astir 1 hr from 7pm PT / 10pm ET connected October 7 (3am BST / 4am CEST connected October 8), look to person fixed the contented with chat. They accidental that they person “still not been refunded and I uncertainty I ever volition be” for the acquisition made, with a effect from Blizzard confirming that “We are not capable to connection refunds oregon immoderate compensation for unlocks made with in-game currency successful Overwatch.”

In addition, Blizzard says its database upgrades pursuing extended Overwatch 2 server downtime person “resulted successful a quadrupling of our capableness and an eventual simplification successful login queues overnight.” It remarks that “early signs are good” but that “weekend gamer hours volition beryllium its biggest trial yet.”

In addition, Blizzard notes that this higher concurrent subordinate number means that “matchmaking systems are being affected,” starring to longer queue times betwixt games. It says that it is making changes to matchmaking configurations that it hopes volition shorten queue times, but volition proceed to show it moving into the weekend.

Meanwhile, plentifulness of players are inactive reporting that galore of their roster of Overwatch 2 heroes are locked arsenic they are mistakenly placed into Blizzard’s recently implemented ‘first-time subordinate experience’ system. Some players who didn’t person heroes locked accidental that it has present happened to them betwixt updates – I personally besides ran into this contented connected 1 mentation of the game, but not erstwhile logging into different mentation connected the aforesaid account.

This peculiar contented is not addressed straight successful the latest presumption update. Blizzard does nevertheless enactment that galore players are inactive successful the relationship merge process and inactive missing items from their postulation that they antecedently owned successful the archetypal game, but that the upgraded database leaves “more bandwidth to implicit these merges.” Hopefully the occupation is resolved arsenic soon arsenic possible, due to the fact that players reporting that they recovered themselves successful competitory games with lone 3 characters disposable is surely not an perfect look moving into those aforementioned ‘weekend gamer hours.’

If Overwatch 2 is portion of your plans, beryllium definite to cheque our Overwatch 2 tier list for the champion heroes close now, arsenic good arsenic our usher to the current Overwatch 2 meta. If you’re conscionable getting started, here’s each the Overwatch 2 changes you request to cognize about, arsenic good arsenic an mentation of Overwatch 2 competitory ranks and the best Overwatch 2 settings. Game manager Aaron Keller has revealed that the Overwatch 2 play 2 hero is “someone players person seen before,” starring to plentifulness of speculation among fans.

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