Peloton adds Apple Watch integration to all of its machines

Peloton adds Apple Watch integration to all of its machines

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Peloton’s making it easier for Apple Watch users to adjacent their rings. Today, the institution announced a caller Apple Watch integration for the archetypal Bike, Bike Plus, and Tread.

According to a Peloton blog, the Peloton ticker app volition notify users immoderate clip they commencement a people connected the Bike, Bike Plus, oregon Tread. It’ll besides enactment for classes started connected the app. Users tin besides take to proactively commencement signaling workouts. If enabled, the Apple Watch tin besides treble arsenic a bosom complaint show truthful you tin presumption Peloton’s Strive Score feature. The Strive Score is simply a metric that tells users however overmuch clip they walk successful a circumstantial bosom complaint zone. It’ll besides marque it easier to log Peloton workouts successful Apple’s Activity app.

The integration isn’t automatic, however. You person to spell done a one-time setup process. First, marque definite the Peloton app is connected some your telephone (or tablet) and the Apple Watch. From there, unfastened the Peloton app connected your telephone and pat the “More” tab. Select “Apple Watch,” past “Set Up,” and “Connect to Health app.” That should past bring up the Health app. Grant whichever wellness permissions you’re comfy with — keeping successful caput that if you contradict immoderate metrics, it whitethorn impact however good the integration works. After that, caput backmost to the Peloton app and deed “Done.” Finally, erstwhile the Apple Watch app asks for notification permissions, pat “Allow.”

Image: Peloton

That mightiness look similar a lot, but it’s reasonably emblematic for integrating a fittingness app with Apple Health. This besides isn’t the archetypal clip we’ve seen this benignant of feature. It’s akin to however GymKit, Apple’s proprietary fittingness API, allows you to grounds workouts connected NFC-enabled workout instrumentality connected the Apple Watch. The quality to commencement signaling from your wrist is besides reminiscent of Apple’s ain Fitness Plus service.

Previously, lone the Bike Plus supported immoderate benignant of Apple Watch integration via GymKit. However, determination was a dustup erstwhile Peloton removed GymKit support for its Bootcamp workouts. Technically, GymKit wasn’t capable to enactment Bootcamp workouts arsenic they switched betwixt cardio and spot training. However, that was a GymKit-specific issue. Peloton says that the caller integration volition let users to way each workouts connected each Peloton machine.

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