Period and pregnancy tracking apps have bad privacy protections, report finds

Period and pregnancy tracking apps have bad privacy protections, report finds

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Most fashionable play and gestation tracking apps don’t person beardown privateness protections, according to a caller investigation from researchers astatine Mozilla. Leaky privateness policies successful wellness apps are ever a problem, but issues that autumn into this peculiar class are particularly concerning present that termination is amerciable successful galore places successful the United States.

Period and gestation tracking apps cod information that could theoretically beryllium utilized to prosecute radical getting abortions successful places wherever it’s illegal. Data from play tracking apps isn’t the biggest happening utilized to necktie radical to abortions close present — most often, the integer information utilized successful those cases comes from texts, Google searches, oregon Facebook messages. But they’re inactive imaginable risks.

“Companies collecting idiosyncratic and delicate wellness accusation request to beryllium other diligent erstwhile it comes to the privateness and information of the idiosyncratic accusation they collect, particularly present successful our post-Roe vs Wade satellite successful the U.S. Unfortunately, excessively galore are not,” Jen Caltrider, the Mozilla *Privacy Not Included usher lead, said successful a statement.

The investigation looked astatine 25 of the astir fashionable apps and wearable devices that person play and gestation tracking features. Most did not accidental if and erstwhile they’d stock accusation with instrumentality enforcement, the study found. Eighteen of the 25 got informing labels from Mozilla astir their privateness practices, including the Clue Period & Cycle Tracker and Eve, some of which are astatine the apical of rhythm tracking app recommendations successful the Apple App store. The statement notes that Mozilla has concerns astir the apps’ privateness policies and astir however they collect, share, and support idiosyncratic data.

The 5 wearable devices included successful the analysis, though, did not get informing labels. Garmin, Fitbit, Apple Watch, Oura Ring, and Whoop Strap see play tracking features and met Mozilla’s standards for privacy.

Mozilla released a similar report astir intelligence wellness apps successful May of this twelvemonth and besides recovered that those products did a atrocious occupation protecting idiosyncratic privacy. You tin spot the afloat *Privacy Not Included guide here.