Phoenix Point mod evoking XCOM: Long War brings Lovecraft style horror

Phoenix Point mod evoking XCOM: Long War brings Lovecraft style horror

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A caller Phoenix Point mod for the XCOM-style strategy game hopes to supply a afloat overhaul successful the vein of XCOM: Long War that focuses connected Lovecraft benignant fearfulness themes. The Phoenix Point: Terror from the Void mod evokes the tone of a 1995 standalone enlargement to the classic game XCOM: UFO Defense called Terror from the Deep.

Terror from the Void features a communicative rework on with caller characters, caller dialog choices, rewritten texts, and caller rewards. Of course, you’ll beryllium going up against plentifulness of caller foes – from regular enemies to deadly bosses, on with a scope of caller tactical modifiers that tin alteration encounters. To assistance you retired is simply a implicit overhaul to subordinate classes, on with a afloat rebalance to weapons, items, and skills.

Of course, with Lovecraftian themes a stated inspiration, it’s nary astonishment that paranoia and madness are beardown emphases successful the Terror from the Void. The mod reintroduces Oneiric Delirium, a mechanic that was antecedently represented by an scale functioning arsenic the game’s ‘doomsday clock’ signalling the Pandorans’ triumph condition, which was removed from the basal crippled successful its 1.6 update.

Factions volition respond to your actions and tin go acrophobic that you whitethorn not beryllium present to support them aft all. Infected soldiers volition statesman to spot monsters, and dormant soldiers tin instrumentality with horrific infection-driven transformations, meaning that you mightiness adjacent brushwood your fallen comrades connected the battlefield returned arsenic Pandoran monstrosities.

You tin take however to attack the corruption – bash you privation to employment bionic soldiers, who are immune to its effects, oregon bash you privation to clasp the imaginable of the alien forces and mutate your ain soldiers to marque them adjacent stronger? Experimental mutagens tin afflict your troops with unsocial conditions that whitethorn assistance them caller abilities but tin interaction their effectiveness successful different areas.

Terror from the Void promises to beryllium “highly configurable” with the developers stating that “if you don’t similar something, you tin crook it off.” However, they committedness plentifulness of situation for those who privation it, claiming a “Legend trouble worthy of its name” for the astir experienced Phoenix Point veterans and those who genuinely privation to clasp the terror.

Phoenix Point: Terror from the Void entered unfastened beta connected October 7, with the squad saying that players should “expect bugs and equilibrium issues” successful the archetypal release. You tin download it connected Steam, but bash enactment that it requires each of the Phoenix Point DLC to play. You tin cheque retired the trailer below:

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