Pixel Watch design video reveals what Google doesn’t want you to see

Pixel Watch design video reveals what Google doesn’t want you to see

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Google conscionable dropped a teaser video titled “The Design of Google Pixel Watch” up of the smartwatch’s authoritative debut astatine an event connected October 6. The video does a neat occupation highlighting the smartwatch’s cleanable plan with its curved solid aesthetics and the peppy set colors, each nether a minute.

What it doesn’t amusement are the bezels. Ever since the archetypal leaked renders of the Pixel Watch popped up online, each on-screen UI elements person been depicted against a pitch-black backdrop. It looks good, but successful doing so, the existent thickness of the bezels has besides remained a mystery. Clever design, 1 mightiness say.

Pixel Watch is looking similar a large smartwatch for 2014! pic.twitter.com/rebZgx5TdY

— Joe Maring (@JoeMaring1) September 22, 2022

But 1 inactive from Google’s video, successful particular, captured the attraction of Digital Trends Mobile Editor Joe Maring. It shows a Tron-inspired oversea greenish analog ticker look that leaves an excessive blank abstraction alongside the periphery. Naturally, you can’t marque pixels airy up beneath achromatic bezels. If the Pixel Watch so has bezels that thick, it would look much similar a relic from the epoch of first-generation smartwatches.

Hey Google, are you kidding me?

So, I tried to look backmost astatine aged merchandise assets to cheque if we are really going to witnesser a “bezel blasphemy” this autumn season. After sifting done a fewer Google Image results, I came crossed this authoritative render with the Google Assistant UI, acceptable to bash its master’s bidding.

google adjunct  connected  the Pixel Watch. Notice the chunky bezels successful this murphy prime enhance-and-edit job? Google

As you tin spot successful the representation above, the assistant’s signature colorful barroom astatine the bottommost is simply a small excessively distant from the circular edges. That could lone mean 1 thing: The Pixel Watch has got thick bezels. And by thick, I mean “we don’t merit these successful 2022” thick.

But again, these are plan mockups, and maybe, conscionable maybe, the existent happening mightiness astonishment america with thinner bezels. But it appears that there’s nary pleasant astonishment for excited fans. At least, not this year.

Remember the leaked images of a Pixel Watch trial portion that was near down astatine a restaurant? I went backmost to the Reddit thread and jumped to the Imgur gallery of the leaked images. Well, I’ll permission you with this representation to determine for yourself.

Leaked representation  of the Pixel WatchCredit: tagtech414 / Reddit

The plan is reminiscent of the Samsung Galaxy Watch Active 2, which came retired successful 2019. The lone quality is that the solid is acold curvier alongside the circumference of Google’s smartwatch, which makes the bezels look adjacent much pronounced than the Samsung wearable.

Below is perchance the astir realistic depiction of the existent Pixel Watch — and its unsavory bezels. Digital Trends’ Cristina Alexander described it arsenic “an old-fashioned circular watch, conscionable updated for the integer age.” It’s hard to disagree with that observation. Another workfellow was a tad little forgiving and near the speech with “just yuck!”

Real beingness  leaked representation  of the Pixel watchCredit: tagtech414 / Reddit

Now, it’s hard to spot immoderate entreaty whatsoever successful those abdominous bezels. The lone justification 1 tin springiness is that the Pixel Watch has been stuck successful improvement hellhole for a while. BRather than switching gears midway and burning done a fewer cardinal dollars, Google stuck with the archetypal plan — 1 that is much befitting of 2018.

Only for the existent Pixel fan

I sincerely anticipation those bezels service immoderate functional purpose. On the Galaxy Watch Active 2, the circular bezels were capacitive, offering an intuitive mode of navigating the UI. It was rather clever, and besides a trial of patience if the surface got wet.

Render of the Google Pixel Watch, showcasing its gargantuan bezels.Google

I would similar to ideate that Google hid immoderate benignant of bioactive sensor beneath the bezels, somewhat similar the Fitbit Sense 2, but don’t clasp your enactment for specified a miracle. Oh, and did I archer you that the Pixel Watch reportedly packs an Exynos spot from the epoch of 2018 smartwatches? Yeah, that too.

But that’s not wherever the atrocious quality ends. For each that bezel-ous goodness of the Pixel Watch, Google is reportedly planning to complaint $350. That’s the asking terms for the Bluetooth-only model. If you similar cellular connectivity connected your Wear OS smartwatch, hole to pain done $400 this vacation season.

Chunky bezels unsocial aren’t crushed capable to beryllium hesitant astir the Pixel Watch, but combined with everything other we cognize astir the smartwatch, it makes it progressively hard to beryllium excited astir Google’s archetypal Pixel wearable. And — considering however overmuch anticipation is surrounding the happening — that’s a shame.

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