PlayStation 4 owners now get three free months of Apple TV Plus

PlayStation 4 owners now get three free months of Apple TV Plus

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Sony is erstwhile again announcing a cross-promotion with Apple TV Plus to connection its console owners an extended escaped proceedings of the premium service. Owners of the last-gen PlayStation 4 console that are not already Apple TV Plus subscribers can redeem 3 months of work astatine nary charge. After that, it’s backmost to the accustomed $4.99 per month. This promo is akin to the 1 announced past summer, where PlayStation 5 owners got six months of Apple TV Plus. Both promos are redeemable until July 22nd, 2022.

While the PS5 got the double-length promo, extending this connection to PS4 owners widens the excavation of radical who suffice — particularly with PS5 shipments inactive plagued by shortages and slowing to a trickle, again, aft the vacation season. The PS4 instal basal is overmuch larger than the PS5’s, and Sony adjacent continues to vessel PS4 consoles successful 2022. The PS5 is selling good contempt those shortages, just not arsenic good arsenic the PS4 did astatine this constituent successful its lifecycle.

Since this promo gives a timeline of astir 4 months for PS4 owners to redeem their three-month window, it’s a premier accidental to prime up the work and screen the accomplishment of an anticipated caller series, movie, oregon adjacent the upcoming Friday Night Baseball sum (if the MLB play does so happen).

To redeem this offer, you volition request some Apple ID and PlayStation Network accounts. Download and unfastened the Apple TV Plus app from the PS4’s TV and Video section. Follow the on-screen instructions to log successful to your Apple ID oregon make a caller one, and you volition automatically get the 3 months of Apple TV Plus loaded onto your relationship arsenic agelong arsenic you’re caller to the service.

Image: Sony
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