Polestar now supports Apple CarPlay after an over-the-air software update

Polestar now supports Apple CarPlay after an over-the-air software update

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Polestar, 1 of the first automakers to follow Google’s Android Automotive operating system for its electrical vehicles, is present throwing a bony to each the iOS users. The institution announced that its Polestar 2 electrical sedan present supports Apple CarPlay, acknowledgment to a caller over-the-air bundle update.

People who ain some a Polestar 2 and an iPhone volition present beryllium capable to reflector their phone’s show connected the vehicle’s 11-inch portrait-oriented touchscreen. In summation to accessing immoderate of their apps, CarPlay users volition besides beryllium capable to usage Siri to alteration euphony oregon find locations connected Apple Maps.

The instauration of CarPlay enactment is absorbing due to the fact that Polestar made a sanction for itself by establishing a nonstop nexus to Apple’s main rival, Google. In summation to burnishing its estimation for gorgeous minimalist plan and almighty electrical performance, the automaker’s determination to usage Google’s autochthonal Android OS was seen arsenic a imaginable crippled changer successful the satellite of automotive software.

The astir amusive portion astir driving a Polestar is driving it, but there's much to it. Our latest over-the-air update for the Polestar 2 comes with Apple CarPlay, allowing Polestar owners with an iPhone to alteration music, usage apps, and pass done Siri oregon the infotainment strategy pic.twitter.com/mulkjIUR6D

— Polestar (@PolestarCars) June 22, 2022

Car companies person built infotainment systems connected Android successful the past, but they fundamentally had to fork the open-source operating strategy and physique their ain solution connected top. A large payment to this embedded attack is that customers summation instant entree to Android Auto-approved apps similar Google Maps, Play Music, oregon Google Assistant without needing to usage their smartphones.

Another is that it has entree to the car’s functions, meaning it tin power clime settings oregon nonstop you attraction alerts. This autochthonal mentation of Android is besides updatable, meaning Polestar and Google tin propulsion over-the-air bundle updates to amended the car’s functions agelong aft it’s sold.

But, for those who similar surviving their integer lives exclusively wrong Apple’s bundle ecosystem, Polestar is acceptable to accommodate you. Moreover, the institution has said it volition enactment Apple’s much expansive next-generation mentation of CarPlay, which would beryllium displayed connected each surface available.

Most of the car manufacture is taking a wait-and-see approach to Apple’s much overbearing imaginativeness for the aboriginal of CarPlay. But not Polestar.