Polk brings Dolby Atmos to its compact MagniFi soundbar

Polk brings Dolby Atmos to its compact MagniFi soundbar

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Polk has a caller exemplary successful its MagniFi scope of ultra-compact soundbars. The $499 MagniFi Mini AX bears a beardown resemblance to its MagniFi siblings, but with 1 cardinal difference: It supports some Dolby Atmos and DTS:X 3D surround dependable formats. The caller soundbar goes connected merchantability connected March 15 astatine PolkAudio.com and different authoritative Polk retailers.

Unlike Polk’s precocious released $399 Signa S4, a much traditional-looking Dolby Atmos soundbar, the MagniFi Mini AX doesn’t person dedicated upward-firing drivers to execute to tallness dependable effects that are the hallmark of some Dolby Atmos and DTS:X. Instead, the talker virtualizes these channels done its five-driver array, with low-frequency effects being provided by the included wireless subwoofer.

Polk Audio's Magnifi Mini AX soundbar seen with the wireless subwoofer.Polk Audio

“By integrating the immersive situation capabilities of Dolby Atmos and DTS:X and past optimizing it with Polk’s patented SDA technology,” said Frank Sterns, President of Polk Audio successful a property release, “we’ve created a merchandise that’s not lone arsenic enveloping arsenic a soundbar 3 times its size, but with a level of dependable signifier accuracy that’s unmatched successful its class.” An included 3D Audio mode volition “upscale” adjacent non-Dolby Atmos contented to a much immersive audio presentation.

The MagniFi Mini AX has a simplified acceptable of ports. You get a azygous HDMI ARC/eARC larboard for the transportation to a TV, with an optical larboard arsenic an alternate if your TV doesn’t person an HDMI ARC output. There’s besides an analog Aux-in larboard arsenic good arsenic onboard Bluetooth for streaming audio from virtually immoderate Bluetooth device. The soundbar is Roku TV Ready for Roku TV owners who would similar to usage their existing Roku distant to power the MagniFi. Polk includes a distant power successful the box, on with an HDMI cable.

However the soundbar is besides Wi-Fi enabled, thing the Signa S4 doesn’t offer, and that brings respective benefits including enactment for Apple AirPlay 2, Chromecast Built-in, and Spotify Connect. You tin besides adhd the Mini AX to the Google Home app truthful you tin power it via the Google Assistant and adhd it to multiroom audio configurations.

An OLED show hidden down the MagniFi Mini AX’s tiny grille gives you afloat presumption info similar input, mode, and the audio awesome that’s being received. Those who are looking for an adjacent much immersive enactment tin adhd Polk’s wireless SR2 situation speakers ($199 per pair), for a afloat 5.1 experience.

Digital Trends’ reviewers person been impressed by erstwhile Polk MagniFi soundbars similar the archetypal MagniFi Mini and the MagniFi Max SR, some of which produced bigger, bolder dependable than similarly-priced competitors. We precocious received a reappraisal exemplary of the MagniFi Mini AX, truthful we’ll fto you cognize soon whether it manages to proceed the MagniFi tradition.

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