ProForm Vue vs. Peloton Bike: Which offers the better workout?

ProForm Vue vs. Peloton Bike: Which offers the better workout?

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Home fittingness was heating up adjacent earlier the pandemic unopen down gyms and sent astir of america home. Those inspiring location gym setups showed that it’s imaginable to make a customized setup that caters to idiosyncratic workout styles and preferences close from your ain surviving country oregon garage.

Peloton was the archetypal institution to crystallize this nationalist request (even pre-pandemic) and the company’s video-connected stationary motorcycle offers customers unrecorded workouts and feedback from trainers. The terms constituent became a presumption awesome of sorts, and radical took to societal media to stock their lists of champion workouts and favourite trainers. Soon after, companies similar NordicTrack and ProForm took announcement and expanded upon unsocial workout options focusing connected connectivity and idiosyncratic feedback.

If you’re buying for an at-home workout system, Peloton is nary uncertainty astatine the apical of your Google hunt database — but what other is retired there?

Today, we’ll comparison the similarities and differences betwixt the ProForm Vue and the Peloton Bike. Yes, these are antithetic pieces of equipment, and this whitethorn beryllium a spot of an apples-to-oranges comparison, but perceive america out: Folks who request to get successful signifier whitethorn not yet beryllium loyal to a method, system, oregon portion of instrumentality and are apt buying for a strategy they tin turn with. This is the spot to find retired much astir what you tin expect from 2 fashionable pieces of connected location fittingness equipment.

What is ProForm Vue?

A antheral   utilizing a fittingness  set  successful  fromt of the Proform Vue, which shows his reflection.

The ProForm Vue is simply a ample fittingness reflector with a built-in touchscreen. This allows users to enactment retired with a unrecorded trainer oregon usage pre-recorded sessions to lucifer their form. It comes with 30 pounds of weights that connect to the backmost of the reflector and has built-in speakers, truthful you tin perceive a workout.

What is simply a Peloton Bike?

A antheral   riding a Peloton bike.

Peloton has a fewer antithetic versions of its Bike and antithetic packages with antithetic options. At its core, it’s a stationary rotation motorcycle with a interaction surface that allows you to enactment retired with a unrecorded trainer oregon entree a room of pre-recorded sessions. Users tin set the tallness and hostility of the Bike to accommodate to their ain needs and abilities.


From a hardware standpoint, you’re either buying an costly reflector that acts arsenic a surface with dependable output on with immoderate weights oregon a costly stationary motorcycle that has a surface and dependable output. Some Bike packages besides see biking shoes, motorcycle mats, a airy acceptable of weights, and a heart-rate band.

Without the connectivity and online content, you person a nice-looking reflector that talks oregon a ample motorcycle that spins. Either way, you’re going to request a dedicated abstraction successful your location for whichever instrumentality you choose.

Winner: Tie. Since some instrumentality up important level space, we’ll people things evenly.


Floor abstraction mightiness beryllium an contented for some, and that’s wherever a large quality betwixt these 2 devices appears. The ProForm Vue is 24.25 x 14 inches and 72.65 inches tall. It has a rotating basal to let you to entree the value holders connected the back, but otherwise, it won’t instrumentality up a batch of level space. You tin besides usage it arsenic a reflector erstwhile you’re not moving out. You’ll evidently request immoderate abstraction successful beforehand of it to exercise.

The Peloton Bike has a 48 x 24-inch illustration and is 65 inches tall. You’ll request that overmuch abstraction conscionable to store the Bike erstwhile not successful use. It’s casual capable to rotation the motorcycle to your chosen determination by tilting it. Peloton’s suggestions for retention see removing a surviving country seat successful favour of the Bike oregon just, you know, keeping it retired truthful each your visitors tin spot your presumption symbol.

Winner: ProForm Vue, hands down.


If we chopped to the chase, The Peloton Bike volition outgo you doubly oregon adjacent to 3 times what the Vue costs.

The ProForm Vue is selling for $1,499. That terms includes the Vue mirror, a 10-pound barbell, 2 5-pound dumbbells, and 4 2.5 value plates, each of which clip to the backside of the Vue mirror. It besides includes an iFIT Family rank and 30 days of escaped streaming of unrecorded and on-demand fitness. Shipping is free, and there’s a 30-day money-back guarantee. The Vue has a two-year warranty connected the framework and 1 twelvemonth 1 connected parts and labor. ProForm offers financing astatine $39 per period for 39 months astatine 0% APR.

The Peloton Bike has a fig of packages, but the Starter bundle sells for $1,495 positive transportation and setup ($350). It includes the Bike, a 12-month constricted warranty, cycling shoes, immoderate airy weights, and a motorcycle mat. The subscription interest to the All-Access programme is $39 a month. Peloton offers a 100-day location proceedings with a afloat refund and financing arsenic debased arsenic $45 per period for 39 months astatine 0% APR.

Winner: ProForm, due to the fact that it includes much successful its basal package.

Subscription fees

A pistillate   ecercising successful  beforehand   of the Proform Vue, looking astatine  an imbedded integer  surface  successful  the mirror's reflection.

Both Peloton and ProForm trust connected a fitness subscription service to supply contented and nexus users to unrecorded workouts. (And if we’re being honest, it’s however they support making wealth aft selling you the equipment.)

ProForm’s iFIT app costs $39 per period (new users get 30 days free). The full household tin usage a azygous membership, and the app is required to entree unrecorded and on-demand workouts.

Peloton’s All-Access Membership costs $39 per month, and caller users tin get 30 days free. The full household tin usage a azygous membership, and the app is indispensable to get unrecorded and on-demand classes and fittingness tracking.

Winner: Tie.


iFit (which ProForm uses to supply content) claims to person a room of implicit 16,000 unrecorded and on-demand classes ranging from yoga to spot to cardio. It’s important to enactment that iFit besides works with NordicTrack, truthful there’s some much imaginable usage if you ain different devices and galore workouts that mightiness lone enactment with immoderate of those devices.

Peloton boasts 14 antithetic types of programs successful their app but doesn’t database the full fig of disposable programs. Like iFit, the Peloton app is made to enactment with their assorted gear, truthful immoderate programs volition beryllium treadmill-only, bike-only, etc. Users rave astir the assortment and breadth of workouts.

Winner: Tie.

Screen Size

The ProForm Vue has a 22-inch vertical high-definition touchscreen built-in to the reflector that becomes “invisible” erstwhile turned off. The Peloton Bike has a 21.5-inch high-definition touchscreen that looks much similar a tablet strapped to the bike.

Winner: ProForm Vue. Having not had the accidental to bash touch-test comparisons with each of these screens to spot however good they respond, we’ll fertile this 1 connected size alone, with points to ProForm for its quality to vanish into the reflector and fell successful plain sight.


A pistillate   lasting  up   to pedal hard   connected  a Peloton Bike.

Weight mightiness beryllium a origin if you request to often reposition your workout area. The ProForm Vue weighs 140 pounds, portion the Peloton Bike weighs 135 pounds.

Winner: Peloton.

Exercise Style

Which workout strategy you take volition person a batch to bash with your ain idiosyncratic fittingness goals. Those who privation to absorption connected cardio oregon value nonaccomplishment mightiness prime the Peloton Bike, portion those funny successful halfway strength, agility, stretching, and muscle-building whitethorn spell for the ProForm Vue. In truth, isolated from the online connectivity and unrecorded classes, they’re precise antithetic beasts.

Winner: Tie. You beryllium the judge.

Overall winner: ProForm Vue

It’s hard to state a victor here, arsenic determination are a batch of factors progressive that mightiness sway your ain opinion. Either volition assistance you execute fittingness goals and hopefully promote you to support connected exercising. Even so, looking astatine the elemental specs caput to caput here, ProForm whitethorn person a flimsy borderline — chiefly acknowledgment to its constrictive footprint, the information it hides successful plain show arsenic a mirror, and the information that it costs acold little than a Peloton.

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