PUBG report from Krafton outlines permanent bans for G-Coin fraud

PUBG report from Krafton outlines permanent bans for G-Coin fraud

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A PUBG study issued by Krafton describes however players of the battle royale game person been permanently banned aft a Steam probe revealed they had fraudulently claimed refunds and chargebacks for microtransactions utilizing the shooters’ G-Coin currency.

G-Coin is purchasable utilizing existent wealth and tin beryllium utilized to bargain a scope of in-game cosmetics and items successful PUBG including clothing, limb skins, and conveyance decals. If players accidentally marque G-Coin purchases, oregon purchases are made without their permission, it is imaginable for them to interaction PUBG’s publisher, Krafton, to petition that these transactions beryllium refunded. Some players, however, are reportedly claiming for chargebacks and refunds without having made existent purchases, resulting successful a imperishable prohibition connected their accounts.

“As we’ve precocious noticed a crisp summation successful the fig of imaginable chargeback cases regarding definite PUBG: BATTLEGROUNDS items (G-Coin), we went done a thorough probe with Steam and person discovered these in-game transactions were confirmed to beryllium chargeback frauds,” says a study from Krafton. “Therefore, we’ve placed imperishable bans connected the accounts pertaining to these fraudulent transactions.”

Players who whitethorn person experienced a prohibition contempt not claiming for immoderate fraudulent transactions are invited by Krafton to taxable a enactment request. “If your relationship received immoderate restrictions/bans erstwhile you’ve not done immoderate fraudulent transactions, delight taxable a summons to PUBG: BATTLEGROUNDS Support and we’ll scope retired to you arsenic soon arsenic possible,” the steadfast says.

Elsewhere successful the satellite of PUBG, the conflict royale has precocious been banned by the Taliban for “promoting violence”, and is expected to go inaccessible successful Afghanistan wrong the adjacent 90 days. A new collaboration has besides been launched with F1 shaper McLaren, which arrives with the latest update 19.2 alongside changes to assorted animations and the upwind system.

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