Pure Paste aims to fix the pain of formatted text for good

Pure Paste aims to fix the pain of formatted text for good

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One of my biggest machine favored peeves is copying and pasting text. Not the existent mechanics of getting words from 1 papers to another, but the mode that modern computers importune connected trying to beryllium overly adjuvant and copying not conscionable the substance I want, but each the formatting that comes with it, mucking up my emails and my documents.

Pure Paste is simply a neat caller menubar app for macOS that aims to hole that: erstwhile it’s open, it automatically strips retired immoderate formatting connected substance you copy, allowing you to paste clean, unformatted substance each time. There’s besides an enactment to lone wide formatting erstwhile you inquire Pure Paste to (either done clicking connected the menubar icon oregon done a keyboard shortcut).

For those disquieted astir information concerns, the developer notes that portion the app does entree your clipboard, it doesn’t store immoderate information — oregon is adjacent susceptible of connecting to the net astatine all.

Technically, determination is already a mode to bash thing akin connected a Mac: if you paste with the convoluted four-key shortcut of Command-Shift-Option-V, alternatively of the accustomed Command-V, it volition paste and lucifer the benignant of immoderate papers you’re in. (Enterprising users tin besides delve deeper into the macOS settings and remap “paste and lucifer style” to beryllium Command-V, too, but that besides requires much effort.)

To that end, I’m not wholly definite that Pure Paste volition beryllium overly adjuvant to idiosyncratic similar me, who has grown truthful wholly utilized to mashing Command-Shift-Option-V each clip I paste thing that it’s go ingrained into my musculus memory. (I’ve besides grown utilized to pasting substance into Alfred and past copying retired from there, which besides clears immoderate formatting).

Still, Pure Paste is simply a free, elemental exertion that does what it says connected the can, and mightiness conscionable marque your day-to-day workflow a tiny spot little aggravating.

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