Quick Notion project: Dynamic org chart of your client personnel

Quick Notion project: Dynamic org chart of your client personnel

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Last month, I wrote a mates of articles astir Notion, a almighty idiosyncratic productivity database. I explained however I usage it each time and included immoderate tips and tricks.

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Since then, I've gotten rather a fewer questions from readers. Among the astir communal questions are "how bash I make a caller project?" and "what other tin I bash with Notion?"

In today's article, I'm going to reply some of those questions by showing however to make a Notion task that's portion of my mundane absorption kit.

Problem connection

I enactment with a batch of antithetic companies and teams wrong those companies. While I person a beardown email way for each my contacts, it's often pugnacious to fig retired who's who and wherever they acceptable successful the wide organization.

Managers person agelong had the org illustration instrumentality for knowing an organization's personnel. We are going to recreate the org illustration functionality successful Notion.

There volition beryllium 1 difference. Most org charts are tree-like structures, with the enactment astatine the apical and subordinates below. Notion doesn't person this capableness (although it should). But what Notion does person is simply a Toggle List information type. We're going to usage that to physique our tree.

Creating a caller Notion leafage

Let's commencement by creating a caller Notion page. This is my Demo Dashboard, a leafage I've acceptable up successful Notion that volition let maine to make demo pages for articles similar this.

David Gewirtz/Screenshot

To make a caller org illustration page, simply deed the / cardinal and prime Page.

David Gewirtz/Screenshot

You'll instantly beryllium dropped connected a caller page. The cardinal happening present is to springiness it a name. For our purposes, let's sanction it Org Chart (NCC-1701). Notion allows you to enactment header images connected your pages. To bash so, determination your cursor supra the rubric and click Add Cover.

David Gewirtz/Screenshot

A random screen representation volition beryllium added. Move your cursor implicit the representation and prime Change cover.

David Gewirtz/Screenshot

When you do, you'll beryllium presented with an representation browser. Here, you tin choose, upload, adhd a link, oregon hunt Unsplash. I went into Unsplash and searched for Star Trek due to the fact that for our demo sample; I'm gathering an org illustration of the USS Enterprise nether Captain Christopher Pike. Now, my org illustration has a due banner.

David Gewirtz/Screenshot

I'm present acceptable to take my leafage type. I similar to commencement with a blank page. So I conscionable deed the small blank leafage icon.

David Gewirtz/Screenshot

Building up the org illustration

We'll beryllium utilizing the Toggle List feature, truthful deed slash and benignant 'T' oregon scroll to Toggle List.

David Gewirtz/Screenshot

Now we conscionable adhd our squad members. Hitting Return gets a peer-level toggle. Hitting Tab moves the toggle in. And Shift-Tab pulls the toggle backmost out. You tin besides resistance and driblet lines to determination entries around.

As you tin see, the toggles let america to nest groups and amusement hierarchy, which is however Sam Kirk is represented arsenic Spock's subordinate.

David Gewirtz/Screenshot

I'm definite you've already figured this out, but this is the unit of the USS Enterprise NCC-1701 successful the caller bid Star Trek: Strange New Worlds connected Paramount+. You're missing a dainty if you haven't checked retired this series. SNW gets everything close that each the different caller Star Trek bid got wrong. It's beauteous adjacent to a location run.

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Expanding the org illustration conception

You tin grow the org illustration conception to negociate aggregate clients oregon companies. In this example, you tin spot however a assortment of organizations tin beryllium managed connected 1 page.

David Gewirtz/Screenshot

Just adjacent the toggle to fell the underlying information. Note that you tin besides adhd supporting notes, similar however I've shown however the bid of the USS Discovery has been a revolving doorway of absorption trouble.

Recommendation for the Notion folks

As acold backmost arsenic 1986, Living Videotext's merchandise MORE was capable to person an outline into an org illustration graphic oregon a descent amusement graphic. That's due to the fact that the outline information operation easy represents some graphic presumption models.

I urge that Notion adhd an enactment to correspond a toggle database arsenic some of those graphic types. It would substantially summation the imaginable of the product.

So what astir you? Have you built immoderate absorbing projects utilizing Notion? Do you program to way the enactment operation of clients oregon organizations you enactment with? Did you usage MORE backmost successful the day? Let america cognize successful the comments below.

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