Ransomware gangs adopt new techniques to avoid detection

Ransomware gangs adopt new techniques to avoid detection

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Despite REvil and immoderate of the different astir notorious ransomware gangs being unopen down this year, the cybercriminals down them person continued to make and win with caller cross-platform capabilities, updated concern processes and more.

Over the past fewer years, ransomware operations person grown from their clandestine and amateur beginnings to go fully-fledged businesses with distinctive brands and styles that rival each different connected the dark web. To rise consciousness successful beforehand of Anti-Ransomware Day, the cybersecurity steadfast Kaspersky has released a caller study highlighting immoderate of the caller ransomware trends spotted truthful acold this year. 

The archetypal inclination of enactment is the abundant usage of cross-platform capabilities by ransomware groups which let them to harm arsenic galore systems arsenic imaginable utilizing the aforesaid malware by penning codification that tin beryllium executed connected aggregate systems astatine once. Conti has been 1 of the astir progressive groups this twelvemonth and it developed a variant of its ransomware that tin beryllium distributed done prime affiliates and targets devices moving Linux distros arsenic good arsenic Windows machines.

At the aforesaid time, ransomware groups person continued activities to facilitate their concern processes. These activities see rebranding to divert the attraction of instrumentality enforcement arsenic good arsenic updating exfiltration tools. Meanwhile immoderate groups person developed and implemented their ain customized and implicit toolkits which lucifer those enactment retired by morganatic bundle companies. The Lockbit ransomware radical stands retired for this arsenic the enactment provides regular updates for its toolkits and often applies repairs to its infrastructure.

Taking sides

Ever since Russia’s invasion of neighboring Ukraine began connected February 24, it has led businesses, governments and individuals to instrumentality sides regarding the conflict. 

According to Kaspersky though, this was besides the lawsuit connected cybercrime forums and with ransomware groups who began taking sides. As a result, determination were a fig of politically motivated attacks during Q1 of this twelvemonth which cybercriminals carried retired either successful enactment of Russia oregon Ukraine.

One of the caller malware strains that was discovered during the struggle is named Freeud and it was developed by Ukraine supporters. Instead of encrypting the systems of its targets, Freud features wiping functionality and if a people contains immoderate items from a database of files, the malware wipes them from a victim’s system.

Senior information researcher astatine Kaspersky’s planetary probe and investigation team, Dmitry Galov provided further penetration connected the company’s New Ransomware Trends successful 2022 study successful a press release, saying:

“If past twelvemonth we said ransomware is flourishing, this twelvemonth it’s successful afloat bloom. Although large ransomware groups from past twelvemonth were forced to quit, caller actors person popped up with ne'er earlier seen techniques. Nevertheless, arsenic ransomware threats germinate and expand, some technologically and geographically, they go much predictable, which helps america to amended observe and support against them."

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