Razer’s Audio Mixer is aiming squarely at the GoXLR Mini

Razer’s Audio Mixer is aiming squarely at the GoXLR Mini

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Razer contiguous announced its Audio Mixer, an all-in-one mixer for podcasters and streamers. This is yet different introduction successful the streaming and nonrecreational audio abstraction that has grown successful caller years.

Razer says the Audio Mixer removes the request for other hardware and bundle that’s usually required.

The Razer Audio Mixer sits connected  a desktop adjacent   a monitor, keyboard, and mouse.

At archetypal glance, the Razer Audio Mixer looks precise akin to the uberpopular GoXLR Mini audio mixer. with its bid of fader switches and buttons. There’s adjacent a fastener to bleep retired expletives, conscionable similar the GoXLR Mini. However, Razer adds a clump of features that whitethorn entreaty to imaginable customers, particularly those that bask Razer’s aesthetic.

The Razer Audio Mixer features a four-channel interface, with 1 nonstop enactment for your microphone and the different 3 assigned via the Razer Synapse bundle (more connected that later). There are mute buttons for each transmission and a abstracted fastener to mute the microphone. Holding down the microphone fastener allows you to activate dependable effects. In existent Razer fashion, there’s besides adjustable RGB lighting utilizing Chroma.

There’s an XLR larboard successful the backmost that Razer says provides “ultra-clean debased noise” summation from -12 decibels to 39.7dB. This hopefully means you won’t request an inline preamp similar a Cloudlifter oregon Fethead for peculiarly quiescent mics specified arsenic the Shure SM7B. The mixer tin besides supply Phantom Power for mics that necessitate it. This is precise adjuvant for condenser mics that usually necessitate abstracted Phantom Power.

The Razer Audio Mixer sits connected  a desktop amid a monitor, keyboard, and mouse..

Razer intelligibly knows its assemblage and enabled the Audio Mixer to beryllium compatible with some PCs and consoles. People who usage a dedicated streaming PC tin plug into the Line Out larboard utilizing an included 3.5mm auxiliary cable. Current-gen consoles tin plug into the Line In port, portion older consoles from the Xbox 360/PS3 and Xbox One/PS4 generations are capable to usage an optical cable.

Of course, this wouldn’t beryllium a Razer merchandise unless its Synapse bundle was progressive somehow. Razer’s Synapse features an Effects tab that allows you to adhd antithetic effects specified arsenic a dependable changer and biology effects to marque you dependable similar you’re successful antithetic places, including an arena, library, oregon chapel. You tin besides set the transportation and tempo of audio input.

For those who privation adjacent much control, Synapse has a abstracted Mix tab that allows you to set output, playback, and watercourse mixes. There’s besides a Mic tab to power Phantom Power, mic gain, and show levels, arsenic good arsenic an adjustable equalizer, sound gate, and a compressor. This makes it useful for radical who don’t privation to messiness with OBS filters. You tin besides acceptable antithetic profiles to acceptable immoderate audio concern arises.

Overall, the Razer Audio Mixer seems similar a compelling summation to the podcasting and streaming space. There has been a large uptick successful livestreaming, particularly successful 2020 erstwhile a bully fig of radical began working/learning from home. The Audio Mixer is disposable contiguous and would beryllium a bully summation for folks who already person a Razer setup.

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