Re-thinking the work week in post-pandemic game development

Re-thinking the work week in post-pandemic game development

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The first-ever W.A.S.D. has travel and gone successful a whirlwind, but thankfully, the thoughtful discussions that took spot connected signifier astatine London’s Tobacco Dock person each been preserved and archived. We’re posting the show’s sheet discussions connected the PCGamesN YouTube channel, truthful anyone who wasn’t capable to be successful idiosyncratic tin bask these talks successful afloat from the comfortableness of their ain homes. Saturday featured a chat with Bulkhead Games CEO Joe Brammer and BetaJester co-founder Adam Boyne astir moving to much flexible enactment schedules successful the post-pandemic property of crippled development.

Brammer and Boyne spoke with PCGamesN exertion Richard Scott-Jones astir the challenges their respective companies faced arsenic the pandemic required a abrupt displacement to semipermanent work-from-home arrangements.

Even though it’s imaginable to bash overmuch oregon each of the enactment of improvement remotely acknowledgment to readily disposable tech solutions similar Discord, Zoom, and Google, teams bash look caller challenges erstwhile they halt sharing carnal space. The sheet touches connected a fewer of these issues and however their companies person learned to code them implicit the past 2 years.

Here’s the talk:

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Brammer besides discusses Bulkhead’s modulation to a four-day enactment week for its 100-employee studio.

You mightiness besides beryllium funny to perceive the fireside chat with prolific YouTube creator Ali-A, oregon Rich’s speech with Thomas Was Alone and Volume developer Mike Bithell astir the authorities of indie games successful 2022.

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