Reddit sides with Ukraine, bans all links to Russia’s state-sponsored RT and Sputnik

Reddit sides with Ukraine, bans all links to Russia’s state-sponsored RT and Sputnik

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Reddit is now categorically banning its users, globally, from posting links to Russian state-sponsored media outlets, including RT and Sputnik.

It’s perchance the astir factual deplatforming of those channels yet — due to the fact that portion Apple, Google, Meta, Microsoft, Twitter, YouTube, and galore others person paused their ads oregon removed contented oregon restricted discoverability oregon stopped actively promoting content, and some Facebook and YouTube person blocked contented in the EU specifically, nary of those is the aforesaid happening arsenic a broad site-wide planetary prohibition connected each links.

In a blog post (via Engadget), Reddit says it’s already been rejecting ads “that people Russia oregon originate from immoderate Russia-based entity, authorities oregon private,” notes that the moderators of immoderate subreddits person already blocked links to Russian authorities media connected their own, and additionally says it’s spending to assistance assistance and location immoderate of its unit successful Ukraine.

Reddit seemingly admits that Russia’s penetration of Ukraine volition beryllium an ongoing moderation challenge, though, and says it’s enactment a process successful spot truthful moderators tin escalate problems straight to the Reddit team.

We’re keeping way of the latest implications and reactions from tech to Russia’s penetration of Ukraine in this StoryStream. Rest of World has a bully database of tech institution reactions arsenic well.

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