Remote workers were left this strange note at their desks - by the government

Remote workers were left this strange note at their desks - by the government

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Staff moving remotely for 1 authorities section whitethorn beryllium amazed to find a somewhat passive-aggressive enactment placed connected their desks backmost successful the office, speechmaking 'Sorry you were out'.

According to The Guardian newspaper, the printed cards were near connected desks astatine the Cabinet Office successful London.

The notes, printed with a authorities crest, said: "Sorry you were retired erstwhile I visited. I look guardant to seeing you successful the bureau precise soon. With each bully wish, Rt Hon Jacob Rees-Mogg MP."

Rees-Mogg, who is the curate for 'Government Efficiency', has been keen for civilian servants to instrumentality to the office. Last week helium wrote to his Cabinet colleagues asking them to accelerate the return of civilian servants to bureau buildings, successful bid "to realise the benefits of face-to-face, collaborative moving and the wider benefits for the economy."

However, a civilian work national has warned that workers person shown they tin present nationalist services whether they're moving from location oregon from the office, adding that "ministers can't constituent to productivity losses" linked to accrued hybrid moving successful the civilian service.

Many organisations are experimenting with antithetic ways of organising the moving week, with distant and hybrid moving options becoming progressively common, and for immoderate companies a means of attracting apical talent.

More flexible moving could besides marque it easier for radical who whitethorn beryllium enactment disconnected by an inflexible 9-5 authorities to participate the workforce. Research by bundle institution Slack recovered that inflexible policies are more apt to marque unit leave an organisation.

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