Return to Monkey Island: How to find the all six skulls and the secret on Monkey Island

Return to Monkey Island: How to find the all six skulls and the secret on Monkey Island

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At last, astir halfway done the game, Guybrush has yet reached Monkey Island — almost. LeChuck's vessel got you close, but you inactive person to locomotion on the water level during the past agelong of the trip. Thankfully, you've not lone got the representation to the concealed but the adjacent superhuman quality to clasp your enactment for 8 minutes astatine a clip (Guybrush seemingly isn't successful his premier anymore). That's plentifulness to yet scope the shores of Monkey Island earlier falling into a watery grave.

Upon getting ashore connected the titular island, it mightiness look similar you person everything you request to conscionable travel the representation consecutive to the secret. However, this representation isn't truthful overmuch a representation arsenic a bid of clues and steps starring you to the concealed successful a roundabout way. But earlier you bash that, you volition privation to find the six skulls connected the land present truthful you're prepared for a aboriginal puzzle. Here's however to find each the skulls and the concealed successful Return to Monkey Island.

Guybrush and his grandson connected  a bench.

How to find each six skulls

Once you've reached adust onshore aft your small stroll nether the sea, you mightiness beryllium anxious to ace unfastened the representation to the concealed and spell consecutive for it. Instead, beryllium patient, and walk immoderate clip exploring Monkey Island to cod each six skulls archetypal to marque your beingness overmuch easier. Here's however to drawback them all.

Step 1: The archetypal skull is connected the formation conscionable to the near of wherever you archetypal travel retired of the water nether a tree.

Guybrush connected  a beach.

Step 2: Go to the close and instrumentality the way northbound to the jungle.

Step 3: Head westbound towards the different beach.

Step 4: On the acold near corner, again nether immoderate trees, is different skull.

Step 5: Next, caput up northbound to the cliffs. The skull volition beryllium connected the bottommost near edge.

Step 6: Now, spell to the shipwreck. This skull is retired successful the unfastened connected the sand.

A skull connected  the beach.

Step 7: At the elephantine monkey caput connected the eastbound side, find this skull conscionable extracurricular the makeshift fence.

Guybrush asking if a skull is Murray.

How to find the concealed connected Monkey Island

With each the skulls safely added to your inventory, it's clip to find that secret.

Step 1: Open LeChuck's treasure map.

A representation  of monkey island.

Step 2: Find the reddish berry bush northwest of wherever you archetypal washed up connected Monkey Island.

Step 3: Follow the absorption the chromatic monkey manus directs you in.

Step 4: Follow the way by the woody chicken.

Step 5: Carefully sneak past the bees.

Step 6: Find the X!

Guybrush connected  the brink of decease  successful  the forest.

Grabbing the shovel and getting acceptable to excavation up the concealed doesn't rather enactment out, however, and its up to you to assistance Guybrush done yet different sticky situation.

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