Returnal is getting co-op and a survival mode in a free ‘Ascension’ update

Returnal is getting co-op and a survival mode in a free ‘Ascension’ update

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Returnal is getting cooperative multiplayer and a caller endurance mode (dubbed “The Tower of Sisyphus”) successful its upcoming 3.0 “Ascension” update, developer Housemarque announced astatine Sony’s latest State of Play livestream.

The update marks the archetypal important summation of caller contented to the challenging sci-fi roguelike. A previous 2.0 update from past twelvemonth focused alternatively of adding large prime of beingness additions, similar the much-requested quality to suspend a tally without losing your advancement and a photograph mode.

Co-op mode is online only, with nary split-screen enactment available, which means that you’ll request net and a PlayStation Plus subscription to squad up with a person to effort and past the murderous mysteries of Atropos. Players besides won’t beryllium capable to play cooperatively successful the caller Tower of Sisyphus area, the game’s first-person “House” sequences, and successful situation mode.

The Tower of Sisyphus, meanwhile, volition connection players a bid of 20 floors of progressively difficultly that they’ll beryllium capable to conflict their mode done — presumably, with immoderate caller mysteries to uncover on the way.

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