Rivian issues recall for R1T electric truck over faulty airbag sensors

Rivian issues recall for R1T electric truck over faulty airbag sensors

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Rivian is recalling immoderate of its R1T electrical pickup trucks implicit faulty airbag systems, according to a notice filed with the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA). The vehicle’s sensors successful the beforehand spot whitethorn not deactivate the airbag erstwhile a kid occupies the beforehand rider seat, necessitating the recall.

The callback covers 502 R1T trucks from the 2022 exemplary twelvemonth that were produced September 21st, 2021, done April 12th, 2022. It is the archetypal callback issued by the buzzy electrical conveyance company.

In a callback study submitted to NHTSA this week, Rivian says the “Occupant Classification System (OCS) whitethorn not deactivate the aerial container erstwhile a kid oregon kid spot occupies the beforehand rider seat.” Federal centrifugal conveyance information standards necessitate vehicles to deactivate the beforehand airbag erstwhile a kid is sitting successful the rider spot successful bid to forestall injury.

The institution reported its first 4th 2022 net yesterday, successful which it revealed that it has shipped 1,227 vehicles to customers, bringing its full fig of deliveries up to 2,148 vehicles. Assuming each of those deliveries are R1T trucks, the callback covers astir 23 percent of the delivered vehicles.

Rivian says it volition regenerate the beforehand rider seats for the affected trucks brought successful to the company’s work centers. There are presently 20 specified work centers located successful the US. The seats are supplied by Hyundai Transys Michigan successful Farmington Hills, Michigan.

A Rivian spokesperson said determination person been nary injuries reported associated with this recall. “We are contacting those with affected Rivian vehicles, and they volition person a rider spot replacement escaped of complaint astatine a Rivian work center,” the spokesperson said. “In the meantime, infants and children should not beryllium placed successful the beforehand rider spot of affected Rivian vehicles until a beforehand rider spot replacement is complete.”