Rollo Wireless Printer X1040

Rollo Wireless Printer X1040

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The $279.99 Rollo Wireless Printer X1040 is 1 of a plethora of label printers aimed astatine tiny businesses and individuals who request to people 4-by-6-inch shipping labels, but it stands retired from the assemblage by utilizing Wi-Fi arsenic its preferred connection. It's besides designed to enactment with the cloud-based Rollo Ship Manager, which tin link to aggregate online platforms to grip and support way of each your shipping successful 1 place. Even better, Ship Manager offers discounts connected shipping rates that astir tiny firms would find hard to negociate themselves for their ain volumes of mailings. The operation makes the Rollo Wireless an Editors' Choice grant victor successful its category.

The Design: The Labels Stay Outside

Label printers tin beryllium designed to clasp their statement rolls either wrong oregon extracurricular their chassis. The Rollo falls successful the 2nd group, which keeps its size down to 3 by 7.7 by 3.3 inches (HWD). However, you'll request astatine slightest different 7 inches of free, level abstraction down the printer for your stack of labels, oregon a spot much country for an optional ($19.99) 9-inch-deep holder for stacks oregon rolls up to 6 inches successful diameter and 5 inches wide.

The printer is made of shiny achromatic plastic, with purple highlights connected the beforehand and rear statement provender slots and the apical screen merchandise latch. You'll seldom request to usage the last, however—feed the insubstantial into the rear slot, and the printer's mechanics takes over, moving backmost and distant to find the gaps betwixt labels and find the statement size, past putting the starring borderline astatine conscionable the close presumption to people the archetypal one.

Rollo Wireless Printer with stack of labels behind

According to Rollo, the printer doesn't necessitate proprietary labels but works with virtually immoderate die-cut thermal insubstantial rotation oregon stack with tiny gaps betwixt labels and a width of 1.57 to 4.1 inches. The institution does merchantability its ain 4-by-6 labels successful stacks of 500 for $19.99, reduced to $14.99 (3 cents per label) if you opt for a monthly subscription. It besides offers 1,000-label rolls of 1-by-2-inch labels for $9.99, and 500-label rolls of 4-by-6-inch labels for $19.99.

An online video intelligibly explains the process of mounting up and connecting via Wi-Fi, utilizing the Rollo app downloaded to your telephone oregon tablet. Though the X1040 has a USB larboard arsenic good arsenic Wi-Fi, there's nary crushed to bargain it if you don't program to link wirelessly—the company's USB-only Wired Label Printer offers what Rollo calls fundamentally the aforesaid show for $100 less. The wireless printer has the vantage successful easiness of use, with nary request to instal a operator connected your phone.

Rollo Ship Manager: Easy Printing, Plus Shipping Discounts

The Rollo Wireless sent for reappraisal didn't travel with a statement app, though the institution says there's 1 successful improvement that volition beryllium disposable online. At this writing, you tin people from virtually immoderate programme with a people command, arsenic good as, Rollo says, each large shipping platforms and online marketplaces. More important, the printer besides works with the cloud-based Rollo Ship Manager, which you tin motion up for connected the Rollo website. The work charges 5 cents per printed label. (Your archetypal 200 are free.)

You don't person to usage Rollo Ship Manager with the X1040 (and, contrarily, you tin usage the Rollo work with printers from different manufacturers). But it offers respective advantages, and if you privation to grip your shipping from a telephone oregon tablet, Ship Manager is easier to usage with the X1040 than with a third-party printer.

Rollo Wireless Printer apical  view

A cardinal payment is shipping discounts—according to Rollo, up to 90% for USPS and 75% for UPS, with FedEx discounts inactive being negotiated astatine this writing. Those percent claims are huge, and I didn't spot discounts that ample successful my testing. But Rollo Ship Manager did present important savings: When creating a label, the strategy shows some the modular terms and your discounted price, with the second ranging from astir 25% to 67% little successful my experience. I besides confirmed that the modular prices quoted by Ship Manager for USPS matched the prices calculated connected the USPS site.

Ship Manager has different advantages, too. Briefly, it gives you a azygous interface for some USPS and UPS, with FedEx expected to beryllium added, positive 13 online buying platforms including Amazon and Shopify. You tin acceptable it to link to the assorted platforms you usage to download your orders, oregon participate shipping accusation manually (as I did) and take from a database showing costs for assorted options specified arsenic USPS Priority Mail 2-Day, UPS Ground, and UPS 2nd Day Air.

Rollo Ship Manager complaint   surface  successful  browser

When you people a statement from Ship Manager, the information flows from the unreality to the PC oregon handheld from which you gave the people bid and past to the printer, which means the instrumentality and your PC, phone, oregon tablet indispensable beryllium connected the aforesaid network. However, acknowledgment to Ship Manager being a unreality service, you tin acceptable up labels from anyplace you tin link to the net and people them later. You tin besides download a statement arsenic a PDF record and reprint it, oregon void it, people a packing slip, make a instrumentality statement with conscionable a fewer surface taps oregon rodent clicks, and acceptable up a pickup.

Using Rollo Ship Manager with different printers works fundamentally the aforesaid mode arsenic with the X1040 if you bash it connected a PC, but not if you usage a mobile device, which is simply a cardinal vantage for the X1040. The Rollo mobile app lets you people connected the X1040 with a azygous tap; for immoderate different printer connected your network, you'll request an due people operator connected your telephone oregon tablet. Even if a operator is available, you'll person to take it from a database each clip you print. For printers without drivers for mobile devices, you could email PDF files to a desktop PC and people from there, but that could rapidly turn annoying if you similar to usage your telephone oregon tablet to acceptable up labels.

Testing the Rollo: Snappy for a Wi-Fi Label Printer

The Rollo's show successful my tests was reasonably fast, if shy of its rated 150mm oregon 5.9 inches per 2nd (ips). Printing labels from a PDF record with Acrobat Reader (using our modular testbed PC and a Wi-Fi connection) took 7.1 seconds for printing a azygous label, 22.5 seconds for printing 10 labels, and 91 seconds for 50 labels (averaging 3.4ips). For comparison, the Zebra ZSB-DP14 managed a trivially faster 3.5ips, portion the FreeX WiFi Thermal Printer averaged 13 seconds for a azygous statement (and its Wi-Fi people jobs were constricted to a maximum of 8 labels).

Rollo Wireless Printer close    angle

Label printers that link by USB oregon Ethernet, including the iDprt SP420 and the Arkscan 2054A-LAN, the second our existent Editors' Choice for a midrange, 4-by-6-capable statement printer with Ethernet, mostly person a shorter lag betwixt giving the people bid and the commencement of printing than Wi-Fi devices. This lets them people person to their rated speeds successful our tests. The Arkscan, for example, lived up to its 5ips rating, portion I timed the iDprt SP420 astatine 5.5ips, adjacent to its rated 5.9ips, for 50 labels.

The Rollo's 203dpi people resolution, which is communal among statement printers, delivered emblematic output quality. The smallest substance connected a USPS statement was easy readable, and the barroom codification was a suitably acheronian achromatic with crisp edges.

Capable Printing, and Save connected Your Shipping

If you similar Wi-Fi to a USB oregon Ethernet connection, the Rollo Wireless Printer X1040 is simply a beardown contender adjacent if you don't people galore shipping labels—the FreeX WiFi Thermal Printer is cheaper, but it's slower capable to announcement and it can't people much than a fewer labels successful a azygous people job. The ZSB-DP14 has the vantage of moving with Zebra's online statement app but is harder to acceptable up, arsenic is the USB-only iDprt SP420. The Arkscan 2054A-LAN offers Wi-Fi arsenic good arsenic Ethernet, but is little of a shipping-label specializer than the Rollo.

The much shipping labels you print, the stronger the lawsuit for choosing the X1040, peculiarly if you find it convenient to usage a telephone oregon tablet to participate shipping accusation and print. Put simply, the Rollo printer offers bully show portion the Rollo Ship Manager unreality work saves connected shipping costs (and works much smoothly with the X1040 than with immoderate different printer). That earns the Rollo an Editors' Choice grant arsenic a 4-by-6-inch Wi-Fi printer for mid-volume shipping statement printing.